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Quick Picks: Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 6, Accel World Ep 6, Shining Hearts Ep 5, Saki Side A Ep 6. Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 6, Hyouka Ep 4

1.21 Gigawatts!!!

Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 6: Ayumu received the news from Dai Sensei that Mystletaini has been repaired and both Haruna and him were happy about it. The next day, he met a man in a white coat who kept vomiting blood and was trying to tell him something but scared Ayumu away.

Sera and Eu in Bunny Suits!

Later, the school has a cultural festival when Yukinori suddenly has a strange monster appeared on the back of her body which Ayumu used a special ring given by the man in the white coat to seal off. A megalo appeared which finally both Ayumu and Haruna defeated with Mystelatini...

Finally some plot development! What happen to Yukinori? Who is the man in the white coat who help Ayumu? However one thing is for sure...Ayumu can never get away from cross-dressing for the rest of his life!

Accel World Ep 6: Taku was punished by the Blue King however he spared his life with a motive. Haru explained to Hime (I calling Kuroyukihime Hime from now on) that he and Taku explained to Chiyu about everything and she was mad at them. Later he and Taku had a battle with other players and managed to raise to Level 2. However he accidentally used up all his experience points on leveling status which Haru now has low hit points.

Chiyu finally forgive both of them by punishing to buy all 31 flavours of ice cream. Taku suggested to him to find a "Bouncer" from the Accel world. A Bouncer is someone who can be a partner for low level players which Haru finally locate the meeting place. After some hits and misses, he accidentally met the Bouncer who happened to be a girl and at the same time, Taku met up with Hime in the hospital and they entered the Accel world too...

I didn't know that upgrading your status can cost your hit points? What a weird game system this Accel world has. Anyway, Haru is surprised to find the Bouncer's real identify and is she really able to help Haru despite being a Level 1 player? But now Taku's reasons for entering with Hime is also questionable. Either he want to kill her in order to avoid the Blue King's wrath or joining her group but not testing him out first as we finally get to see Hime's Black Lotus in battle.

Shining Hearts Ep 5: A Bat Familiar, Horbert came to the bakery every night buying sweet breads. The girls follow her and discovered she belong to a young witch, Melty who is trying to make the perfect ice cream. The girls help Melty by letting her taste their own recipes. Melty finally make an almost perfect ice cream which the girls and Horbert enjoyed it. She was finally introduced to Rick by the girls...

I scream for Ice Cream!!!

Melty being voiced by Kugimiya Rie was being herself. However she was not too bad this time around. Realising her weakness and creating a tasty ice cream flavour. In the next episode, the royal castle want Rick to bake for them which also will lead them into some conflict with the royal family and the house maid?!

Saki Side A Ep 6: Yu tried her best to win some points however Izumi was able to see her tactics and make the gap further. But Yu tried a different approach but was unable to move from last place. Next Ako took the seat facing off Sera.

Ako tried to win fast to gain points but Sera was better than her, winning big in every rounds. Finally Achiga managed to move up to 2nd place leaving now Arata to face off Hiroko in the fourth round...

It is not bad for Achiga to move up to 2nd place despite facing such an veteran school. Now it is up to Arata, our mahjong/bowling expert to show her moves!

Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 6: Tsubaki met Oka one day and she mentioned that Ueno and her called out by their first name sometimes. Tsubaki wondered if Urabe will call him by his first name-Akira. After school, Tsubaki whispered her first name, Mikoto while she was asleep. She woke up but was unaware of what happened.

Later, Tsubaki want to take a photo of her smiling but she refused claiming it is unnatural to smile for the camera. Tsubaki's old crush, Hayakawa met him one day and she invited him for coffee. He rejected her but saw Tsubaki nearby and she heard everything.

How playful Urabe is!

He asked her what will happen if he went with Hayakawa. Urabe give her drool for him to taste and he suddenly was in tears. He understand how she felt and finally convinced her to take a photo. Of course, Urabe has to give a raspberry look in the photo but Tsubaki accepted it and place it in his photo...

The way Tsubaki called out Urabe by first name was a bit suspicious. For a moment, I thought he is going to blow into her ears which most probably will giggle her. But the best part was when she show Tsubaki how she felt if he went with Hayakawa. I felt Urabe was really in love with him despite showing little emotions to him. Then she has end it with her doing a raspberry look was pretty cute and unique for a girlfriend to pose in a photo. Nice episode and a better understanding about Urabe's inner thoughts.

Hyouka Ep 4: Eru decided to ask Satoshi and Ibara for help in solving the 45 years old incident. They all met at Eru's home and everyone came up with their own theory of what could have happened. Houtaro who came unprepared took a while to think and finally came up with a summary of what could have happened based on everyone's findings.

Houtaro is like Philip from Kamen Rider Double in the Gaia Library.

Everyone was amazed by his deductions and decide to end the meeting. However it still did not answer why Eru was upset over the incident when she was little...

As always, Houtaro didn't know how to explain the incident in the beginning but I was amazed that he can absorb everyone's findings within a short period time and came up with a conclusion that it is possible. This guy should be a detective although his eagerness to conclude the case might result him in overlooking. But as long his friends are there to guide him, it shouldn't be a problem. Now if only Eru can remember why she was upset by her uncle's anger over the incident...

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