Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fate Zero S2 Ep 7: Prelude to Chaos

Emiya returned to their hideout where Iris is resting in the magic sphere. She returned Avalon which is kept in her body and had Emiya have it. She want him to use Avalon for the upcoming battles and was glad to have meet Emiya.

She hope that Emiya will bring Ilya to Japan and experience what she had once the war is over. He promised her and ordered Maiya to guard her before leaving. He has already instructed Saber to find Rider's hideout and he will assassinate Tokiomi.

While Saber is looking for Rider, Emiya took point at Tokiomi's house. However he noticed there was no magic barrier and decided to investigate the house. Meanwhile Waver has moved to the woods and camp at the same point where he first summoned Rider.

He knew Rider was low of mana after the battle with Caster and is now recuperating. Rider want to fight Saber again so as to teach her the real meaning of being a king. Waver also knew that Rider did not want his mana but rather his own stored mana. He explained to Waver that he did not want him to be weaken but Waver insisted he take his mana so that he can understand pain and sacrifice in battle. Furthermore he want to prove he can win the Holy Grail with his own strength.

Meanwhile Kariya had a nightmare of Berserker killing him but found himself chained up by his grandfather, Zoken. Zoken placed a worm filled with Sakura's mana into his body and hope that he can survive for the upcoming battles.

Iris asked Maiya of her past while resting. She told her she was a child soldier and was rescued by Emiya. However she has no memory of her real name and past. Her current name-Hisau Maiya was given by Emiya when she needed a fake passport to travel. She has no purposes in life other than supporting Emiya till the war is over or she is dead. Iris advised her to find her real identify after the war is over.

Emiya investigated Tokiomi's house and discovered he was dead for a while. Suddenly Rider attacked the hideout and kidnapped Iris. Maiya called Emiya immediately which he ordered Saber to return to the hideout.

Saber found Maiya badly injured and Iris missing. Maiya told Saber to find Iris quickly and found her in Rider's Chariot fleeing to the hills. Saber quickly rode her bike to gave chase.

Emiya returned and saw Maiya is dying. He started to shed tears which she told him not to. She was glad that Emiya is back to his old self and should now focus on saving Iris and winning the war. He told her not to worry and informed that she has fulfilled her duty. Maiya died after that...

Another casualty to the war. Who is next? I hope it is Zoken who is really nothing but a evil old man who has no care in the whole world expect himself. But anyway, we get to know how Iris and Maiya look up to Emiya. Iris support him fully ever though his actions are questionable while Maiya is probably like him when he was young. Lost in the world but Emiya took her in and even gave a name for her. But now, she is dead and Emiya shed a tear for her which show that despite his coldness, there is still good in him.

So with Saber and Rider battling in the next episode, what will happen next? We know Berserker is getting impatient with Kariya and most probably he might face Kirei and Archer next. But with Saber and Excalibur at hand, can she overcome Rider who despite weaken, might put up a fierce fight till the end!

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