Sunday, May 13, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 15: It's the Thoughts that Counts

Are you getting anything for Mother's Day, Miyuki?

The girls are in their tree house and Miyuki is wondering what are the rest are doing. They were making presents for their mothers as it is Mother's Day today. Miyuki then realised that she has not prepare anything for Mother's Day!


Majorina finally got her Natto Gyoza Sweets!

Miyuki returned home and decided to help her mother in the household. She tried her best but with bad results (Putting Salt in the coffee, wrong detergent in the laundry machine, the bed covers flew away and tripping on the vacuum cleaner)

Miyuki making coffee..FAIL!

Miyuki deciced to get some pointers from the others and see what are they preparing. Yayoi paint a portrait of her mother, Akane sew a decor on an apron, Nao make a tissue cover and Reika make a pottery cup.

The girls tried to help Miyuki with her present which she finally decide to make a necklace using the jewel machine.

After some trial and error, she finally make a necklace but it wasn't done very well. Yayoi suggested to get a greeting card to go along with it and they went to the real world. Meanwhile Wolfrun saw people celebrating Mother's Day and began to suck the Bad End Energy from them.

Beauty and Peace got hit by pollen from the Akanbe!

The girls saw it and transform immediately. Wolfrun used a Red Ball to create an Akanbe from a Carnation flower. The Precures began to battle and in the midst, Candy accidentally drop Miyuki's necklace which Wolfrun picked it up.

Don't stand on top of a lampost!

Wolfrun commented it to be bad which Cure Happy nearly gave in. However Cure Sunny and Cure March fought to get back the necklace and they claimed it is the thoughts that counts!

Four more to go!

Cure Happy realised it and they fought back the Akanbe. Cure Happy finally defeated it with Happy Shower and a new decor is recovered from the Akanbe.

Now come to think of it, I think Miyuki's mother is HOT!

After the battle, the necklace was a bit chipped off. Miyuki's mother arrived and she gladly accepted the necklace and thank Miyuki.

The other girls also gave their presents to their mothers and Miyuki's Mother told her she knew she did her best on Mother's Day and was proud of her...

Comparing to the last two Mother's Day episodes from Heart Catch and Suite, I think this one is pretty average but I like how Miyuki tried her best and her friends encourage before and during the fight which Miyuki should count herself lucky to have such thoughtful friends. At least, it is not depressing like Heart Catch which is about a girl's mother who passed away or Hibiki's mother who is overseas.

The battle was pretty good with the use of both physical and magical combats in it. Cure Beauty freeze one of the Akanbe's arms and Cure Peace giving an electric shock on Wolfrun was pretty good. Thank god, we have a new decor in hand as I am wondering when they realised they need to collect the decors as their top priority.

Anyway, the next episode, Reika suddenly quit being a Precure! What could be the reasons and can the rest survive the next battle without her? See you next week and Happy Mother's Day to all!

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