Sunday, April 1, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 9-Yayoi's Inner Thoughts is cute!

If you are Love's mother, that make her and Yayoi sisters?
Yayoi was tricked by her mother to wake up, thinking there will be pancakes for breakfast. When she arrived, it was egg and bread. Her mother told her it is April Fool Day which she also tricked her mother back too.

Yayoi's inner thoughts is cute!

Aka Oni planned to spread lies to the real world while Yayoi lied to Miyuki that she is transferring school tomorrow. Before she could tell the truth, Miyuki has ran off to tell Akane who believe in the lie. They later told Nao and Reika who fell for it. Yayoi want to tell them the truth but was worried of reprecussions.

Can I join in the hug too?

After music class, the four girls mistaken Yayoi for worrying if they could work as Precures without her. She felt more regretfull and tried to draw an apologetic drawing to them. However the drawing flew off and was caught by Aka Oni.

Miyuki and Akane brought Yayoi where the class gave her a farewell gift to her. Yayoi was overwhelmed that she ran off, hiding at the corner of the school field.

The other girls arrived and asked what's wrong. But Aka Oni appeared and suck the Bad End energy of the students in the school. The girls transformed and Aka Oni turned a roller into an Akanbe.
A Left!

And a Right!

Aka Oni tricked the girls by giving fake commands to the Akanbe. The Cures claimed that lying is bad which Aka Oni showed them Yayoi's drawing. Cure Peace finally admitted that it was April Fool's Day today and she lied about the transfer. She was worried that the other will hate her but Cure Happy reassured her that she believe in her and the others also agreed.

The Akanbe tried to attack them again but Cure Peace went in front and was able to avoid the attack and managed to purify it with Peace Thunder. The Akanbe turned to a new decor and Aka Oni retreated.

Later, Yayoi apologize to everyone in class and they accepted it. The other four girls told Yayoi one last lie and but in the end, told her it was just April Fool's Day and everything went back to normal...

Yayoi's little lie backfired and it nearly became a big mess no thanks to Miyuki and Akane who believe it completely. But I like how Yayoi's inner thoughts keep making all those funny expressions and knowing her character, she is worried that her friends will hate her which thank god, nothing serious happened. (It's Precure, what do you expect?) They even wonder what will happen if Cure Peace is not in the team anymore and they hugged her like a long time friend. (Even though they knew each other like what a month already?)

I am not so sure about the fighting scene with the Akanbe. It seems that the story is more important than the battle which I am fine with that. However the Akanbe seems easy enough to be defeated which I hope they can prove to be a challenge for the Cures in future episodes. Maybe giving the Akanbe an upgrade which the Cures will have to use their wits rather than brute forces to defeat them.

Anyway, I am suprised that Mikami Kyouko is playing Yayoi's mother which make her also the mother of Love/Cure Peach in Fresh Precure. Hopefully we can get to see more of the girls' families and perhaps another Sailormoon Alumni? (Only time will tell) We are getting an Akane Episode next week as her father is injured and she took over the Okonomiyaki store with the others helping out.

Yes, I know that the New Stage movie trailer, Ayumi transform to Cure Echo which looks all right to me and her relationship with the baby Fusion was sweet.


  1. Where did you watch it? I visited the usual anime site but there's no Smile episode 9 even the raw version.

    1. Well, if you look hard enough,you can find it...there is more than one way to watch a raw version.(Hehehe!)

  2. the episode finally came out on gogoanime and goodanime with English Sub