Thursday, April 5, 2012

First Impressions: Zetman Ep 1, Medaka Box Ep 1, Rock Lee Seishun no Full Power Ep 1, Queen Blade Rebellion Ep 1, Accel World Ep 1 and 2, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka of the Dead Ep 1

Sorry for waiting so long, busy at work and playing SRW Z2 Seisun Hen for two days. So let's see what new shows we have for this season!

Zetman Ep 1: Years ago, a mysterious organisation created mutants called Players for entertainment for the rich. However they gain awareness and 13 of them escaped including a test tube baby boy by one of the scientist. The boy now called Jin stayed in a homeless shelter with the scientist (who he called him Gramps) and has no idea what the world is like out there. Until the gramps was murdered and Jin saved a stripper by using his power to defeat one of the Players.

I find this show similar to Devilman with the whole "monster awaken in his body" Of course, Jin is now a ten year boy and the show will fast forward to him being a teen where his power will be truly awaken. It is quite brutal in some parts like the Lizard Player murdering people with his long sharp tongue. Interesting start but seeing that the manga is ongoing and only 12 to 13 episodes for this show will be hard to make any real progress if they butchered the storyline.

Not as hot like Risa from High School DxD but she has a nice pair of melons!

Medaka Box Ep 1: Kurokami Medaka is the perfect student. She is beautiful, excel in studies with almost superhuman abilities. She was elected the head of the student council and create a SOS box called Medaka Box which she will help any students in need of help. Together with her childhood friend, Hideyoshi, they clean up the Kendo gym and retrain the students again.

That ball she holding is the WORLD!

If you think it was Hikasa Yoko doing another student head like High School DxD, hear again. It is actually Toyosaki Aki doing Medaka. If you used to listening to her as a cute girl, she actually did a similar role in Seikon no Qusar where she played a possessed person with a creepy mature voice.

The story is all right but from I gather, Medaka is actually an experiment that gone wrong. But Hideyoshi is the consciouses for her and her support despite being a normal person. Overall, a typical start with nothing really fancy (Though Medaka doing that the whole world is in my hand gig was pretty cool) But take note, this is a Shouen Jump series so expect to go slightly more than 26 episodes.

Avoid Poop and accidently pulling girls' pants, Fail!

Rock Lee Seishun no Full Power Ep 1: Although Rock Lee and Gai Sensei are my favourite characters in Naruto, this show is really a joke like the ongoing manga series. I feel sorry for Tenten and Neji who has to play the straight person for all of Lee's crazy antics. If I want gag humor, I watch Gintama!

Itou Shizuka as Hot Pirate! (Yummy!)

Inoue Kikuko as An Amazon! (Yeahh!)

Queen Blade Rebellion Ep 1: This episode is a big mess actually. We know that Claudette rule the world with an iron fist but for those who don't watch episode zero might be confused on what is going on.

The first episode is introducing some of the characters like a female pirate captain, a chain-up Amazon, a loli and her robot which remind me of Tetsujin 28, a nun who does the holy poses (provocative) a black Ymir and Elina and our main heroine, Annelotte who rode a phantom horse.

Where did you find the time to repair your bust armor?

Just watch for the boobs and pink panty shots that everyone wore (Don't ask me why!)

I am the Pig of Tennis!

Accel World Ep 1 and 2: Haru is short, fat and has low self-esteem. His only love is playing a virtual MMORPG but even his avatar is silly (A cute pig, seriously?) But when a girl named Kuroyukihime introduced him to the world of Brain Burst, he was transported to a world where his video games skills is put to the test and even won his first game.

Warning! Incoming Childhood Friend!

If you think that Haru was drawn like that out of comic relief. No. He is actually a sad person who we can related to. The unpopular kid who get bullied and playing video games to run away from reality. Even his new avatar-Silver Crow is a persona of who he really is. A person with extreme low self-esteem. Even though he want to fight for Kuroyukihime's sake, I hope he will overcome his weakness and become a better person which is still a question left to ponder.

The Ultimate in Moeness!

Alert! Naked Butt in Danger!

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka of the Dead Ep 1: I just watch it just now and laugh like a nutcase when Ayumu battling the Squid Megalo. Why? Because he transform to the Masou Shoujo in front of his classmates and they took photos and videos which went viral worldwide. After that, he was stark naked and unable to erase everyone due to the magic chainsaw damaged.

Kiss me, Sera!

Kiss me Sara!

This week Imaginative Yu is Inoue Kikuko

Who knew that a show which combine horror and humor can be so awesome! The cast is reintroduced again in the first few minutes and we have a new female character-Chris who love to drink liquor which Ayumu mistake her as his "imaginative friend" But the battle at the end was funny with Ayumu going 1000% of cuteness (Can they do that?) to defeat the Megalo. Anyway a great start for this show which I will follow it! By the way, Ayumu has better watch out for his butt being targeted! (Ha!)

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