Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Impressions: Saint Seiya Omega Ep 1 (Who watch it at 6.30 in the Morning?)

Long youth, 25 years and Athena and Seiya still look good!

The first title of the new anime season and it is Saint Seiya Omega! Basically, a young infant named Kouga was raised by Athena/Kido Saori. When the God of War, Mars tried to kidnap Saori, Seiya who is now the Sagittarius Gold Saint defend her and Kouga was mesmerised by Seiya.

Pegasus Ryusei Ken!!!

Years later, Kouga is trained by Seiya's master, Shana and he was not motivated to be a Saint. However he show potential when Shana slash him and he channel his emotions into a Cosmos Attack.

Feel the Cosmos, Kouga!

Later, Mars returned and Saori who was infected by a wound from Mars years ago could not defend herself. Shana tried to protect her but was also defeated. Kouga seeing everything, awaken the Pegasus Clothes and wore it. He hear Seiya's voice telling to believe his Cosmos and finally used Pegasus Ryusei Ken!

Two things kept me from hating this show. One is Toru Furuya doing the voice of Seiya again but he won't be a regular in the series. Second was the Opening Song which is Pegasus Fantasy Omega Version sung by Make-up and Nakagawa Shoku who did the voice of Athena pumped me up and I watch the opening like 20 times!

I knew about Saint Seiya around 1997 and it was awesome. Although the original series was outdated in today's standards but the story was amazing with connections from different mythology like Greek, Norway and even Chinese. Kouga is a more rebellious Seiya due to the fact, everyone refused to tell him the reason he has to be a Saint. But after this episode, hopefully he can be as good as Seiya.

Shana training Kouga is like a tribute to the original series as Seiya was also taught by her years ago. Ever the arrival of his Pegasus Clothes is similar to how Seiya wore it the first time.
Midorkawa Hikaru and Nakagawa Shoku isn't a first choice to play Kouga and Athena. He sound like Masaki Ando from Cybaster and he couldn't yell as well as Seiya when he used Pegasus Ryusei Ken. I thought Masakazu Morita will be a better choice as he did a good job replacing Toru in the Hades series. Nakagawa doesn't have the Majestic voice like Han Keiko from the original series or the gentleness of Orikasa Rumiko from the Hades series which is disappointing.

From what I can gather from information in the net and the opening, we have six main Saints. The Pegasus, Dragon and Cygus are the only clothes to be worn by the main cast. We also have the Orion, Wolf and Lionet clothes that are included for the main cast. Yuna who is the only female in the group will also break the tradition of wearing the Cygus clothes and not wearing a mask. (In the original series, the female Saints wore masks to protect them from injuries in the face.)

The original cast is also seem in the opening but whether they will return is another question due to Shiryu's seiyu has passed away. The Saint Clothes is now inside necklaces which is a neat idea. In the original series, Seiya have to carry the clothes in the Pandora boxes which sometimes obstruct them.

The villain, Mars which I believe is from the planet Mars and it means the enemies are from the Solar System like Jupiter, Saturn, etc. Nothing is revealed since Mars' purpose is to abduct Athena and use her Cosmos which is this series "Ki, Chakara or Ritsu" whichever you want to call it.

I probably watch another episode to see how it goes but given that the original series are long running series, I might drop it if they go beyond the 26 episodes mark. Before we end, Seiya said this at the preview-"Can you feel the Cosmos in you?" See you! (By the way, who watch this show at 6.30 in the morning?)

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