Monday, April 16, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 11: Adventure of Mini Precures

Yayoi showed the others a little insect which freaked Nao. She then found a hammer which resemble a magic hammer in an old fairy tale story. Candy took the hammer and accidentally knocking it, shrinking the girls into mini size.

Meanwhile Majorina discovered that Aka Oni threw her magic hammer into the human world and went to find it. The girls tried to call out Candy but their voices were too soft for Candy to hear. They started to follow Candy who was desperately trying to find them.

Reika looked like Mary Poppins!

By the way, Nao and Akane also have a fear of heights.

Along the way, they used a leaf as a boat to get across a puddle, almost got trampled by a group of baseball players and using a ruler to get across their desk. They even used the umbrella decor to land fly out of the window. However Candy accidentally blew them to a field where they came across many insects.

Mr Policeman, I am back!

Nao was freaked out by the number of insects and fainted. Majorina went to the police post for help when she saw Candy holding the hammer. Nao woke up and realised that a family of bugs help the girls earlier. Reika felt the field is like a city for the insects as they are co-existing with one another. Suddenly Majorina found them and Candy too saw what has happened to them.

A fair fight?

Majorina sucked the Bad End energy on the insects which the girls quickly transformed. Majorina created an Akanbe from a flower and it is the same size as the Precures. The girls fought hard and Cure March realised that despite they are insects, they are also living beings.

When did Cure Peace became so badass?!

The girls used teamwork which Cure March finally defeated the Akanbe with March Shoot. Majorina was furious but realised she can easily defeated them since they are small. She snatch the magic hammer and hit on the ground which restored the girls back to their size.

I can hear insects talking!

Majorina retreated with the hammer and they found a new decor for their collection. Later, Candy was able to understand what the insects are saying and told the girls that they are grateful for saving them. However Nao was still unable to overcome her fear of insects after a ladybird landed on her nose...

Nao's fear of insects was hilarious and I felt a sense of guilt trying not to laugh at her. But at least she is behaving like a normal girl rather than the tomboy character she has been portraying with. I am not sure what the title of the fairy tale Miyuki explaining about but I guess it got something to do with a boy who is only one inch tall defeated a demon and grew big with the help of the magic hammer.

This is the second time that Aka Oni threw Majorina's creations to the real world and she asking the same policeman for help. If there is another similar situation again in the future, I could confirm that it is a running gag in this series. I also notice that as long there is living beings, the villains could just suck out the energy from it and doesn't have to be humans either as shown in this episode with the insects.

Anyway, I like this episode because seeing Nao behaving more feminine make me love her more! But next week, we are getting a Reika and Candy episode and a new upgrade item called the Rainbow Healing so soon?

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