Monday, April 16, 2012

First Impressions: Kuroko no Basket Ep 2, Upotte Ep 2, Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 2, Saki Side A Ep 2

Could I use this to voice out my thoughts?

Kuroko no Basket Ep 2: Taiga and Kuroko want to be the regulars in the basketball team and their coach, Rika make them announce their wish in front of everyone during assembly. Later, Rika arrange a practice match with another school which happened to have Kise Ryota, one of the members of the Generations of Miracles. Kise came to visit Kuroko at school and defeated Taiga easily. Kuroko claimed that he will beat Kise and his team together with Taiga and the rest...

Look like we are getting our first real match between Kuroko and Kise who is able to copy and perform any moves he see. He was able to copy Taiga's fake turn and his strength is unmatched against Taiga. Can't wait for next week to see what is going to happen next!

No guns in my class!!!

Upotte Ep 2: Funko and her friends were being challenged by her elder sister, Fal in a Capture a flag due to them failing their term papers. Everyone was defeated leaving Funko and Fal to a showdown which ended badly for the girls however it was all a big remedial test for them to skip remedial classes.

Really? Could it be done in real life?

A lot of technical terms especially in the use of different rounds in different rifles and the drill Sergeant reminded me of Hartman from Full Metal Jacket. The last part which Fal's two friends found out a secret method in firing the sniper rifle was both eye-popping and pausable.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 2: After a month doing the same routine, Tsubaki want to further his relationship with Urabe. He tried holding hands, it didn't work. He tried hugging her from behind and she went into a frenzy by using a scissors kept in her panties and cutting at incredible speed. After one "special" saliva from Tsubaki, he had a wet dream of Urabe and him having sex. The next day, she tasted his saliva which make her having a nose bleed and blushing claiming that she will not have sex with a doll tied on her head...

Urabe is cute!!!

You know, I kinda of find Urabe really interesting. I have yet to read the manga about her but her actions make me feel she is a very unique character than most female leads I have seen. She is protective but yet she is willing to let Tsubaki share her most "intimate" secrets. Even I laughed at her having a nose bleed and saying she will never wear such a get-up during sex. Overall, I enjoyed her company and oh yes, she is now officially the master of the Hundred Crack Scissors Fist! Watch those hands goes!!!

Saki Side A Ep 2: Shinzuno finally get the revived Mahjong club in Achiga Girls' school. Together with Ako, Kuro and her sister Yu and Arata who admired their senior Akado Harue. Akado returned to be their adviser and started training the girls for the preliminary rounds in their preference. Ako met her old schoolmates who are part of the Bensei High Mahjong club and a senior, Kobashiri claimed that Shinzuno and the others are amateurs after seeing their fingers with blisters...

So we are getting into the real game which is faster than the Original Saki series. Hopefully we can see Shinzuno and the rest of the girls' true potential are in the table as we have yet to see what kind of abilities they have. Unlike Saki where almost everyone has a special ability like Saki's Rinshan Kaiho or Nodoka's genius skills.


  1. “I have no sense of humour”
    It’s funny that Kuroko (who’s emotionless & stoic) himself said that.

  2. I hope that Kuroko No Basket will keep their intensity all through out of the show. So far everything is Paced amazingly and the characters are not that "Godly"