Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fate Zero S2 Ep 2: The Light that Shines in the Darkness

Saber and Rider are facing an uphill battle with the Caster Monster while Archer and Berserker are still dog-fighting in the sky.

Kariya could not get through Tokiomi's shield while Kirei is watching from the sidelines. Tokiomi burnt Kariya alive and he fell off the building. Rider ordered Saber to fall back to plan another strategy. They regrouped again and Rider suggested that he hold off the Caster Monster in his noble phantasm for a few minutes while the other come out with an attack.

Rider began to make his move and trap the Caster Monster in his reality. Iris received a call from Emiya and he wanted to send a message to Waver. Waver answered and Emiya explained he will fire a signal flare to his location and Rider will return the Monster back to our world. He also informed that Saber has a skill that can defeat the Caster Monster and asked him to relay the message to Lancer.

Waver told Lancer about it which Saber admitted that she is unable to use it due to the curse by Lancer. He decided to break his cursed Lance and the curse was immediately lifted. Saber summoned Excalibur however it attracted Berserker who came after her.

Saber tried to shake Berserker off while Emiya rushed to the said location. Kirei found Kariya barely alive and took him away. One of Rider's men appeared in front of Waver waiting for his signal. Lancer managed to damage Berserker's plane while Archer chase him off.

Joan of Arc does look like Saber...

Emiya fired the signal and Waver immediately ordered Rider's man to act. The Caster Monster appeared and Saber activated the full power of Excalibur to destroy it. Caster saw a bright light and found Joan of Arc welcoming him back before he died.

Archer and Rider saw everything which Rider claimed Saber shoulded her people's hopes on her which is not the way a king should behave. But Archer admired her actions and hope to see more of her again...

So the battle with Caster has ended and it was good seeing the servants teaming up. However it will be business as usual since we are left with five servants and with Kirei saving Kariya, you can be sure he will betray Tokiomi which is what Archer desires. Now with Excalibur appear, the stakes are higher since everyone know Saber's true identify and Archer broke one of his Lances which in the next episode, it will be Saber vs Lancer round 2 and what will be the outcome be?

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