Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Impressions: Zetman Ep 3, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Ep 2 and my thoughts of the Akibarangers Ep 1 and 2


Zetman Ep 3: Jin battled a defect Zetman and after killing it, he saw a woman who looked like his aunt however she is a clone and Amagi Mitsugai's men shot her. Jin was restrained and was given a rundown of the Players and Zet from Mitsugai. Meanwhile Kouga was reprimanded by Konoha that his idea of justice is superficial and asked him to reconsider again. Jin saw his aunt still alive and decided to help Mitsugai to hunt down Players on his own terms....

The fight in the beginning was brutal and Jin is unable to transform to the real Zetman which is red. Kanzaki who is Jin's grandpa in the first episode is still alive (soft of) His brain is attached to a computer which enable communication with Mitsugai. Jin know that Mitsugai is not an easy person but decided to play along. Kouga on the other hand, has no idea what a hero should really do. Helping people is one thing but if you are doing to get admired is nothing than a showoff.

The sail is from One Piece!

Kuko's bits looked like Funnels from Sazabi.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Ep 2: Nyaruko and Mahiro went to the secret hideout of the criminal organisation which is located in an island. They met Cthugha or Kuko who is the sworn enemy of Nyaruko. They battled out and Kuko is fighting as she is obsessed with her?! But Nyaruko defeated her and destroyed the criminal organisation. She bid farewell to Mahiro but was surprised to see her again in his house....






Ore Sanjou!!!

It is not good as the first episode but the parodies are fun to watch. Especially the Kamen Rider and One Piece parody. Not bad but hopefully more better parodies in the next episode!

Akibaranger Ep 1 and 2: Some of you are wondering what I think of Akibaranger which is the unofficial Super Sentai? To be honest, I am loving it like a guilty pleasure!! This is what happen if you put Super Sentai in the midnight hour programs!

You have been a naughty girl!! SMACK!!!


The first episode was just introducing the main three characters and they even make references to previous sentai series. The second episode was fun as the Monster of the week battled the two girls with fan service poking in. I mean, don't you want to smack the female members' ass and grope their breasts in the actual series? By the way, I find the cast more interesting than Go-Busters as they have personalities which you can relate to with real people. Go-Busters' characters are very textbook which is boring and uninteresting.

(Fun fact: The female villain is played by former AV star-Honoka which probably explain why she is so daring in the show. Anyway Toei employed former adult stars before in Dekaranger, Gingaman, Gogo Five and Hurricanger which is nothing big deal)

A transformers rip-off!?

The world's largest handcuffs?!

Of course, the meat of the episode 2 was seeing Ban/Deka Red again! Akiba Red was having delusions of Ban giving him a motivate speech and they battled together which is what Gokaiger should have done. The anime character Z Cune Aoi was specially created for this series but I got a feeling they might turn it into an actual series like how Getsumento Heiki Mina was created in Desha Otoko but it later became a real series!

I wonder how far she can stretch?

(Click his fingers) ATTACK!

Next week, we are getting a new villain and Bouken Red/Akashi is guest-staring too! Can't wait for that!

P.S-I have been giving some thoughts on what shows I should be doing and this season has quite a mouthful!

Kuroko no Basket, Nyaruko, Saki Side A, Mysterious Girlfriend X, Zetman, Zombie Desu Ka Season 2 and even Akibarangers are the shows which I find interesting but I am unable to review all of them due to my time constrict and outside work. So how to solve this problem?

I have an idea which basically I will do short reviews like First Impression but with the shows that I am watching. I will think of a name for that one however I will do these reviews if I have the time so no promises.

You will still get Fate Zero and Smile Precure every week so don't worry about that. See you again and if you are interested to know more of Project X Zone for the Nintendo 3DS, it has an official website up now which is I will post a link if the trailer is out! See you!

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