Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fate Zero S2 Ep 3: Betrayal

Archibald went to visit Kirei's father in the church and want a Command seal as reward for killing Caster. Meanwhile, Sola's left hand was butchered by Maya and abducted her before Lancer arrived.

Kirei dropped Kariya back to the gates of the Mutou Household and felt a sense of excitement for his actions earlier the night. Archibald got a Command Seal but murdered Kirei's father so as to prevent others from getting any more seals.

However he was informed by Lancer that Sola has been kidnapped and her seals were destroyed. Archibald was furious and vent his anger on Lancer calling him incompetent.

Saber and Iris arrived at Archibald's hideout and Lancer approached them. Saber want a fair duel with Lancer and he accepted. They began to battle and he noticed Saber is not using full strength so as to honor his gratitude in the Caster battle.

Archibald was hiding in a corner when he saw Emiya holding an unconscious Sola hostage. He threw a scroll at Archibald which is a magic seal preventing each other from killing due to an unbreakable curse. Emiya then ordered Archibald to use his Command Seal to had Lancer to kill himself.

Saber and Iris were shocked by the turn of events. Emiya appeared with Archibald and Sola shocking them more. Lancer cursed them for using such underhand methods to win and died after that. Archibald and Sola were shot by Maya's sniper rifle and Saber mercy kill him.

Saber demanded an explanation from Emiya and he claimed that he hate the Heroic spirits due to their belief of Justice was nothing more than brutal killing and mankind has been repeating the same mistakes throughout history. Saber argued that killing without a cause will only cause more rage and hatred and demanded to know what is his aim for the Holy Grail? Emiya replied that he is willing to be the greater evil to rid all the evil in the world and using the Holy Grail is the only way to save humanity.

After Emiya left with Maya, Iris fainted due to exhaustion...

Wow, I didn't expect this to happen. I know Emiya is willing to do everything to win the war but it conflict with Saber's ideals and I pretty sure things are not going well after this. Oddly enough, it also conflicted what Emiya tell Shiro in FSN to be a hero which I am guessing that something bad happened for Emiya to change his belief after Fate Zero.

Lancer's death was horrible as he didn't die in battle but yet he was betrayed again by Archibald and Emiya. Lancer was an interesting character and I was expecting some closure with Archibald and Sola. But everything was ruined no thanks to Emiya.

Now with Kirei probably taking over his father's role in the church, we are left with four servants in this battle and seeing the countdown is down to 72 hours, it means we are reaching the climax very soon.

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