Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Impressions: Sankarea Ep 1, Sengoku Collection Ep 1 and Natsuiro Kiseki Ep 1

Before we wait patiently for Fate Zero Season 2 Episode 1 to be out, let's see what other new shows that was on the last two days.

Sankarea Ep 1: Chihiro has a serious obsession with zombies and wish to have a zombie girl as his girlfriend. But when his pet cat was killed in an road accident, he decided to bring it back to life by using a book of spells. He saw an unhappy rich girl, Sanka Rae who has family problems and they share the secret together. Until Rae asked if Chirhiro can bring her back to life if she died...

She is coming to get you, Chihiro (Remember that line from Night of the Living Dead?)

I read the first volume of the manga and the fun only start when Rae was really brought back to life as a zombie. Not the flesh eating kind of zombie but rather something similar to Ayumu from Zombie Desu Ka. Currently the pacing is slow at the moment and the next episode showed Rae's possessive father who did something on her which he regret it. I will take another look at it before making any decisions.

Do you have Balls, Brother!?

Sengoku Collection Ep 1: So instead of a girl from our time going to the Sengoku Era (See Sengoku Paradox), we have warriors coming to our world instead. Oda Nobunaga who is supposed to die fell into a time slip and landed on a guy, Ota and he is struck with her tagging along. After stopping an armed robber by arguing with the robber and calling him a guy with no balls (Really!) Ota brought her back home and slowly learned about our world. When she found out from three spiritual beings who told her that she must claimed magical spheres from warriors who have also landed in our world, her ambition raised away and began her conquest to find the spheres and returned home...

Seriously, we went from One Dimension Tokugawa from Brave 10 to this little girl?

An interesting first episode, thought it fell under the fish out of water story but Oda is not spoilt and maintain her composure even in this world. Her nickname is "Sweet Little Devil" and not the "Sixth Day Devil King" like most Sengoku series like to refer him or her to. Next episode it focus on Tokugawa Ieyasu who has also landed in our world.

Natsuiro Kiseki Ep 1: Or Summer Miracle is about four girls, Natsumi, Saki, Yuka and Rinko who are childhood friends and used to wish on a wishing stone that is suppose to make their dream come true. However Natsumi and Saki had an argument over tennis practice which Saki finally confess that she is moving to Tokyo with her family. Yuka and Rinko tricked the other two into coming to the wishing stone and when they all looked at the sky, the wishing stone send the four girls flying in the air and for a moment, they felt a sense of togetherness. But Saki refuse to change her mind about leaving and left them..

First, we have the Seiyu group Sphere doing the four girls. Kotobuki Minako as Tomboy Natsumi, Takagaki Ayahi as Proud Saki, Tomatsu Haruka as Hyper Yuka and Toyosaki Aki as Subtle Rinko. I  thought Kotobuki will be more suitable as Saki as she did arrogant roles like Blue Rose from Tiger and Bunny and Takagaki should play Natsumi as she is used to playing boyish roles. Tomatsu and Toyosaki are fine as I love them doing when they perform characters that I like.

The story itself is not really 100% slice of life but a bit of 10% of supernatural origin in it. I didn't expect the wishing stone really make them fly up but it does what it can to tighten the bonds between the girls. So with Saki leaving them, can the other girls able to treasure their friendship during the start of their summer holidays? I guess you have to watch the remaining 11 or 12 episodes to find out...

So we have quite a number of new titles already but I know a lot of people are still waiting to find out more about Fate Zero Season 2 so hopefully by tomorrow or Monday, I get a review to talk about. Until then, See you!

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