Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fate Zero S2 Ep 1-Rise of the Caster Sea Monster Part 2

Saber and Rider began to battle the Sea Monster however it's tentacles keep regenerating making it difficult for them. Meanwhile Kirei reported the matter to his father who ordered him to assist Tokiomi and Archer at scene.

A fog covered the river making bystanders curious about it and unable to see the Sea Monster. Tokiomi asked Archer to battle the Sea Monster but he refused due to his pride.  He shot down four swords from his Gate of Babylon at the monster and decided to leave.

Two F-15 tried to engage the Sea Monster and one of them got devoured by it. The remaining plane was taken over by Berserker and began to battle Archer. Tokiomi descended to find Kariya who was on a rooftop.

As the two servants battled, Kariya demanded an explanation from Tokiomi asking why he gave up Sakura to the Mutou Family. His explanation is only one of his children can become his heir and the other is treated as rabbles. He even claimed he will rather have his children battled each other so as to honor his ancestors. Kariya called him insane and used his bugs to attack him while Kirei was watching everything from behind.

Meanwhile Ryunosuke was enjoying the sight when he was shot in the stomach by Emiya's rifle. He fired another shot to Ryunosuke's head and killed him. Caster saw it and decided to kill everything in sight.

Emiya reported to Maya of the situation and suggested that the only way to kill the Sea Monster is to destroy with one blow. However it lies with Saber who hold the key to that....

Finally, we are back and we haven't get to the fun part yet! While Saber and Rider battled the Sea Monster, you can tell both Archer and Tokiomi are egotistic. Archer refused to battle claiming it is not worth him lifting his sword. Tokiomi treated his family like pawns and is willing to sacrifice them for the pursue of greater power. He even mocked Kariya that if he have not given up magic in the first place then Sakura won't be sacrificed.

Ryunosuke was killed by Emiya which I won't be sympathise him and now with Caster going out of control, the only hope of defeating him lies with Saber but what could it be? Your guess is good as mine if you have been watching FSN! Clue: Saber vs Berserker in FSN.

P.S; Review of Smile Precure and other new shows will be out either tonight or tomorrow as I am engaged outside. Catch you later!

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