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Spring 2012 Anime-Sequels and High School Stories!

Here we are again for a new year of anime shows for 2012! I got the programs from Anime News Network so you can see there is a description below of what the new titles are all about. The text in the pictures is kinda of small so I will try to summarise each show is about. So without further ado, let's get started!

Saint Seiya Omega: Supposed to be a sequel to the previous Saint Seiya Series, the story is about Kouga whose birth sign is the constellation of the Pegasus. When his guardian, Kido Saori/Athena is kidnapped by the God of Wars-Mars, Kouga must rescue her and accept his destiny like his predecessor Seiya.

Uchuu Kyoudai: Two brothers who vows as kids to travel to space grew up to have different lifes. The young brother Hibito became an astronaut however something went wrong in space and it required his elder brother Mutta to save him...

Rock Lee no Seishun Full Power Ninden: A spin off from Naruto featuring Rock Lee and his crazy antics in Konoha Village. This show used Super Deformed Characters instead of life size version for it's comical effects.

Ginga e Kickoff: Another soccer based anime which this time a boy who met a female professional soccer player was determined to restart his recently disbanded soccer team for competition.

Sengoku Collection: Another Sengoku Era based anime and it is about the warriors battling over a mysterious treasure left behind by the first Shogun called God of Wars Cards.

Kuroko no Basuke: After Soccer, why not Basketball? Based on the popular manga series, Taiga Kagami met Tetsuya Kuroko, a shadow player for a basketball team and they formed their own team to challenge other teams.

Upotte: A transfer teacher met a girl named FNC and she is a marksman in M16 rifle. The next day, the school he was transferred to was a school that train students in firearms especially M16 rifles!

Phi no Brain S2: The continuing sequel about Kaito who has a knack for solving impossible puzzles and possessed a magical armband called Orpheus which enable to use his brain's full potential.

Cardfight Vanguard S2: Card Fighting battles sequel that overtook Yu-Gi-Oh's fame.

Eureka Seven Ao: The sequel to Eureka Seven TV series. Rento and Eureka's son, Ao now piloted an updated Nirvash to search for his missing parents and realise his potential to change the world.

Fate Zero S2: The conclusion to one of the most anticipated series. Fate Zero is about the Holy Grail War between mages called Masters and their bodyguards called Servants who are the heroic spirits throughout time.

Hyou-Ka: Houtarou is a loner who was forced to join the Classic Literature club by his elder sister. There, he learned about a mystery which ignite his thinking cap...

Accel World: In the future, Haryuki met a beautiful girl, Kuroyukihime who change his life forever after learning of a secret virtual world-Accel World and become a knight to protect Kuroyukihime.

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?: Jigoku Hen: Season 2 of this funny horror/comedy series about Ayumu who is revived as a zombie and battle monsters called Megalo using the Mashou Shoujo System.

Zetman: Based on the long running manga series by Masakazu Katsura. Jin was a genetic altered human who can transform to Zetman and battle monsters from the Amagi Corporation.

Tasogare Otome X Amnesia: Teiichi Niiya is able to see a female spirit named Yuko who died in a haunted school. Together, they formed an investigation club to solve her death and the mysteries in the school.

Tsuritama: About four different teens with issues who come together in an island and found adventure and fishing. One of them is not even human!

Shining Hearts: Based on the Sega RPG game of the same name. It's about a teen with amnesia who was washed ashore and taken care by a young girl. There, he learned about his past and in the mean time, worked in a bakery.

Sankarea: Chiharu Furuya is obsessed with Zombies and dream of kissing a zombie girl. He met a girl named Rea Sanka who want to revive her cat and discovered she wished to become a zombie...

Natsurio Kiseki: A slice of life show featuring the four Seiyu members of Sphere.

Jormungand: Koko Hekymatyar is an arms dealer who met a boy who is an excellent soldier but want to seek revenge on his family's killer who is also an arms dealer.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San: A spinoff from Haiyore! Nyaruani in which a Cthulu deity named Nyaruko saved a boy, Mahiro Yasaka from aliens.

Sakamichi no Apollon: Set during 1966 Japan, Kaoru has been transferring school all his life. When he arrived at his new school, he met another boy and begin a new direction in life.

Nazo no Kanjou X: Akira Tsubaki tried to taste the saliva on a desk from a mysterious girl named Mitoko Urabe and got what he bargained for from her.

Medaka Box: Adapted from Shouen Jump, Medaka Kurokami is the head of the student council who received pleas or helps from her Medaka Box she installed. Their encounters included battling supernatural beings and the unknown...

Queen's Blade Rebellion: The third chapter in the Queen's Blade Series. After Claudette became the new ruler of the land, she began to declare war everywhere. A princess warrior, Annelotte raised against her rule with a new group of female warriors.

AKB0048: In the future, Earth was destroyed by a great war and human migrated to the stars. However music and entertainment were banned due to their influence. A small group of rebels used a famous group from the past to motivate the people. That group is called AKB0048.

Saki: Achiga-Hen Episode of Side A: A side story from the Mahjong Anime, Saki. It chronicles another mahjong club in an all girls' school during the same timeline of the first series.

Koi-Ken: Based on the love simulation game on mobile phone of the same name.

You can tell which shows I will be reviewing at the start of April! Fate Zero Season 2 is a yes. After last season's cliffhanger which leave everyone in suspence, the explosive conclusion will be told. (Of course, if you watch Fate Stay Night, you will already know what was the end results.)

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka Season 2 can be considered as this show is both dark and yet funny at the same time. Especially Ayumu's transformation of the Mashou Shojou is hillarious to see and my favourite female-Sera and now another member of her clan who is extremly hot joined the group.

Saint Seiya Omega look interesting given that it is Saint Seiya's 25th Anniversary this year. But will we will see Seiya and Toru Furyu potraying him again? Shining Hearts is another spin-off from Shining Series by Sega and this one could be interesting. The voice cast which consists of an all star cast like Hiroshi Kamiya, Ito Kanade and Tamaru Yukari might be worth it. (Provide they don't screw up like Shining X Wind)

Queen Blade Rebellion is 100% fan-service so better watch this on AT-X. I watch the episode zero of this show and it is all right. Some of you might already know what happen to Reina and Tomoe in this new series. (Reina become a masked avenger while Tomoe was blinded and remain in Japan as the new head priestness)

Saki Side A which is what I am calling and I am disappointed the producers is moving to this direction. The first series' conclusion showed Saki and her group going to the Nationals to face off her elder sister but now we are moving a step backwards with this new group?

The rest of the shows will be watch three episodes first then decide as usual. I didn't put up some shows like Jewelpet Kira Deko, Beyblade Zero-G and Kimi to Boku as they are not really my type and there are some odd ones like Gakkatsu and Shirokuma Cafes that are mostly gag shows.

See you in April for the new shows!

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