Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Ep 8-Cuteness: A Cold Heart's Weakness

The girls met the elderly lady from the previous episode and she could sense Sora was feeling unhappy over something. At the same time, Sawako (Not Sachiko as stated last week) showed Yuuta the agreement contract and she claimed he has broken the contract for not adding any new members in it.

Don't you wish you are greeted by a hot wife and three cute daughters everyday?

Raika's taking notes.

Yuuta tried to find a new house when Raika spotted him.They sat down in a cafe and explained his situation. Raika volunteered to take care of the girls if it come to the last straw. That gave him some delusions over him and Raika. She brought him back to reality and promised to help him.

That night, the family was pondering on what to do and whether should they bring Hina to a day care centre. The next day, Yuuta make mistakes in his job but finally that night, Raika informed him that she found several houses for rent and both him and Sora went the next day.

Man, this is CREEPY!

Do your thing, Raika!

They met Raika, Nimura and Sako who brought them to different houses but were not suitable as one is claimed to be haunted and another too small.

Back home, Sawako got the rent from Kurumi and Hina happened to be there to. Sawako found her cute but kept her cool. Hina called Sawako "Oba-san" which angered her (She is 29 years old) and it make Hina cried and dirtied her dress and Sawako's shirt.

After a day of house-searching, they couldn't find a suitable place but Yuuta thanks them. He decided to visit the landlord to give them more time. Meanwhile, Sawako and Hina were bathing together with Miu waiting outside.

Sawako asked Hina if she loved the current home and she agreed and she loved Yuuta and her sisters. Yuuta and Sora arrived at the landlord's house and the elderly lady they met was the real landlord and Sawako is her daughter.

Sawako's mother reprimanded her for being too direct and apologize for the matter. Hina defended Sawako claiming she is a good person. Yuuta and Sora begged for more time to move however Sawako gave in and want them to write the girls name in a new contract.

A few days later, Sora and Miu went off to their first day of school while Yuuta brought Hina to the day care centre. Sora felt happy holding the new card holder from Yuuta and Miu teased her. Yuuta went off to college as a new day begin for all of them...

I find that they solved problems and dilemmas in two episodes pace but it showed the efficient of Raika and friends plus with Hina's cuteness which no one can resist it. The house searching part was very fun to watch especially when Sako claimed he will take care of Miu and Hina and imagine him being a dog.

Of course, Raika have to beat him senseless after that. Sawako who used to be cold hearted which probably due to her not getting married and having kids. Even her mother teased her about it. Anyway, a new day begin for the family and from the next episode preview, Miu is getting a lot attention at school. Guess being a twin tailed blond loli has it's advantage...

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