Sunday, March 4, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 5-As Cool as Ice, Cure Beauty!

She is not Karen but Reika has her own charm and I love her smile!

Gardening? Where is Tsubomi the flower expert?
Miyuki was late for school again and as she entered the school, she saw Reika watering the flowers in the garden. Miyuki could sense Reika's love for the plants and everything in the school.

Bow to me, my slaves! (Just Kidding!)

During their break, Miyuki announced to the others that Reika should be the fifth Precure and they went to look for her at the Archery club. After telling their desires for Reika to join them (which include showing Candy to her), she rejected their offer even though she took it well.

She explained she has a read-along session with some elementary kids the next day and was unable to oblige. They followed her to the student council room and was informed by the other student council members that the President is sick and is unable to make it for the read-along tomorrow.

Reika was willing to do with they have now however Miyuki volunteered to help her and the rest agreed. After doing the props for the read along (which is Snow White), they went to the school for the performance.

Miyuki has the weirdest face expression look so far!!

As they were performing the act, the new general from Bad End Kingdom, Majorina appeared and sucked the Bad End Energy from everyone including Reika. Miyuki and the rest transformed and confronted Majorina.

Four of a Kind!

Blame the character designer for your bad hairdo, March!

Today's lucky charm is Rock!

Majorina created an Akanbe from a mirror prop and it spilt into several more, surrounding the Cures. Everyone used their special attack however they could not hit the real one. As a result, they ran out of energy and were getting beaten up by the Akanbe.

Peace: I am just a Kamen...No! Precure coming through! (The actual line is from Kamen Rider Decade)

Majorina ruined the Snow White prop which awaken Reika. She guessed Miyuki and the others are Precures which they accidentally gave away. Reika was full of anger by Majorina's action and confronted her for ruining the act.

Suddenly a ray of light surrounded Reika and she is given the Smile Pact. Candy instructed her on what to do and she transformed into Cure Beauty! Cure Beauty face all the Akanbe and knocked down the real one. She explained the real Akanbe is wearing the ribbon on the opposite side.

Pray hard, Beauty!

Rasengan on my left hand Plus...

...Big Snow Flake Equals to...


Candy then instructed her to store her energy into her pact and she used Beauty Blizzard and defeated the Akanbe. The Akanbe transform into a cell phone decor and Majorina retreated.

Everything went back to normal and after the read along session, Reika agreed to join Miyuki and the others and call her by her first name...

Today's Ending start with Beauty!

Finally, all five Precures has assembled! This episode is pretty fast paced as the plot device is the read along and introducing Reika as Cure Beauty. Reika is probably the most sensible and logical among the five. She took it pretty well as a Precure without over-reacting like Miyuki or Yayoi. Being the "cool princess" as she was, she doesn't flare her emotions but when she does like how Majorina was acting, she stood against her and her sense of Justice prevails.

I realised Miyuki has a lot of face impressions like a rubber face. All of which I can laugh with it especially the one before the read along. I guess she has a little case of stage fright. Nao still think being a Precure is still a dream which is surprising enough. But it is understandable, after all, she is only being a Precure less than a few days. I hope the five of them has some training in future episodes to increase their stamina so that they won't get tired after using their special attack. Even Reika got tired after using Cure Blizzard which by the way, looks great but where is the Ice Sword that I saw in the opening?

Hustle Up! It's being a while since I see Precures doing a Hustle!

Next Episode, Candy's brother (I think) Pop arrived and explained the reason of the conflict between their world and Bad End Kingdom and finally a team transformation and a team catch phrase as announced by Miyuki!

See you next week! (Thank everyone for voting the Smile Precure episodes!)


  1. @kragito i think the ice sword attack will be later as a new attack and what do you think about majorina she smart then the other generals by her trick with the mirror akanbe?

  2. So far Majorina is the hardest enemy yet as she used magic against them while the previous two generals used brute force which seem less effected. Precures are trained to fight aganist brute force. Most of the Monsters of the week are huge and strong but not smart.

  3. awesome review! looking forward to the next episode and your next post! =D