Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fate Zero Ep 13 FINAL-Rise of the Caster Sea Monster Part 1

Waver had a dream of Rider's past as he was searching for the Legendary Oceanus Ocean. Waver was puzzled by the dream when he woke up.

Ryunnosuke and Caster returned to their lair which was already destroyed by Rider days ago. They were disappointed about it but Caster with his twisted mind, claimed that it was not God who punished them but by Men. Ryunnosuke began to preach that God is just playing with humans and they should let God see destruction and chaos to fulfil their desires.

Waver went to a bookstore and found a book about Alexandar the Great. He read that one of Rider's desires was to find Oceanus but failed in the end. Rider found him and tried to cheer him up with a video game. Waver asked several questions about him and he gladly replied but it leave Waver with more doubts.

Caster began to cast a large spell in the river as Ryunnosuke watched on the bridge. Waver and Rider are walking back home and he started whining for having Rider who could win the Holy Grail easily. Rider could sense his inferior complex and explained that it is all right to be small and weak but as long as your heart is big, you can accomplish anything.

They sense a large amount of Mana in the river and head off. Saber and Iris were the first to arrive at the river where they saw Caster being absorbed into a large creature from the river. Rider also arrived and he had already informed the rest of the servants about the matter.

They agreed to stop Caster and Lancer who has just arrived claimed that as long they could find the source of Caster's Noble Phantasm, he will be able to destroy it with his Gae Dearg.

Rider took the lead in the air while Saber took off on the ground and began their assault on Caster...

What?! So I have to wait till April to find out the conclusion to this battle!? Just when things are getting interesting and they have to end with a cliffhanger. Although we got a small teaser for the next episode at the end but come on, I mean this is huge! They are fighting a giant sea monster! I mean you don't see that in FSN either.

Okay. First thing first, I was very happy that they announced Fate Zero is going to be animated. Seeing Saber again and knowing how the last Holy Grail war was fought. When I see all these new Masters and Servants, I was thinking they don't look interesting at first but as the story progress, I got invested in it especially Rider and Lancer who are pretty interesting characters.

The story itself is really dark but yet not as boring as FSN where it is all about Shiro trying to get along with Saber. In this story, everyone is at least a Mage and the servants were given more personalities. In FSN, only Saber, Archer and Gilgamesh are the only ones who got a lot of screen time. Here, you get to know who the Masters and Servants really are and their constant conflict with each other.

The action scenes are also good especially with the use of CG which FSN failed to used it well except for the UBW movie. I love both the opening and ending song which is more fast pacing and suit the show very well.

So what is expect to happen in the second season? First the servants will have to defeat Caster and hopefully Ryunnosuke too. Then we will get to the good stuff. Probably Berserker and Kariya will make their move and attack Archer or maybe Saber who we know that she and Berserker had a complex relationship in their past lives. Will Rider even play his video game and Waver stopped whining? Emiya and Kirei will confront each other and the conclusion will be a tragedy with someone got caught in the crossfire. (FSN fans will know what it means)

Until then, see you again in April for the second season of Fate Zero!

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