Monday, March 19, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 7-Our Secret Place

Miyuki tried the phone decor and the girls are able to talk to Pop but have to hung quickly before other students find out about it.

The girls suggested a secret place so they can talk freely about Precure matters and decided to meet at the Mysterious Library later. The girls met again and felt the Library itself is a good meeting place.

No, Akane..Nao's shirt should be taken off by the Viewers! (Hehe!)

Yayoi went to explore further but fell into a pit hole and Miyuki struck on a tree. The others felt the Library was not suitable which Reika suggested a place.

If I have my way, I will be in Kamen Rider Fourze's Rabbit Hatch

At least we know Nao love cute things!

They went to an observation point on the top of Mt.Fuji but it was too cold. Yayoi had a location in mind however it was a movie set studio. Nao brought them to a doll house set up however it is inside a store and Candy was nearly sold away.

Akane, this is not Tickle me Amy! (Watch Nostalgia Critic's Congo to get the joke)

Akane then brought them to a Gorilla's habitat in a zoo but was chased away by the zookeeper. The girls returned to the Library and Miyuki mentioned her favourite book-Anna of Green Gables. In the story, Anna and her best friend Diana always meet in a secret place in the forest which remind Miyuki of a similar place before she moved here.

Reika suggested to her to bring them to that place and they followed suit. When they finally arrived, they found two little girls were playing house at the location and decided to leave them alone. However Wolfrun appeared and suck Bad End Energy from the two little girls.

The team transformed and Wolfrun created an Akanbe from a tree. The team avoid the first attack but got knocked down by the Akanbe. Wolfrun felt the forest is nothing important but Cure Happy argued the forest is a place where good friends can enjoyed in the forest.

The Akanbe tried to attack Cure Happy while she charge up but the other four cures blocked the attack. Cure Happy used Happy Shower and defeated the Akanbe. Wolfrun retreated and the girls returned to the Library.

Back at the Library, Miyuki suggested to let the Library decided where is the best secret place. They entered again but end up back at the Library. They then realised this is the best place ever. The girls sat on top of giant mushroom but were too far apart.

When did you went to Nuts Shop to get that?

Finally Candy asked them to use the Star Decor and turn a small hill into a house. The girls were happy about the place and had a toast for their new place...

A wild goose chase to find a secret place for the girls and guess what? They are going around in circles. Candy isn't really the brightest mascot which even Akane told her about it. But you can guess what the girls' ideal place is. Reika love high and refined places, Yayoi loved science fiction, Nao loved cute things (Yeah!) and Akane love the zoo of it is just the Gorillas?!

Wolfrun was smart in choosing his target to suck out Bad End Energy. Two little girls and the evil clock moved again. So I guess as long there is happiness, you can suck out enough Bad End Energy to revive Pierrot and you don't need a large number of people to do it. The Akanbe is really weak one and was defeated in record time so far.

So next episode, it is another swapping episode which Miyuki and Candy switch bodies. But at least it looked better than Tarot and Cure Pine. God, that was creepy!

I am searching for the missing corns!

Hummy and the Tone Faries are the culprits!

It's ok, I did it with Tsubomi in the last movie!

Oh, some more scenes from the new movie and this time, we have Suite Precure (Hello Hibiki!) and Splash Star getting into some action against Fusion! See you next week!

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  1. >Reika love high and refined places, Yayoi loved science fiction

    Reika just thinks of training and Yayoi like Tokusatsu (simply comic)