Thursday, March 15, 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Ep 10-Tomorrow will be a Better Day

Sora couldn't concentrate on her choir lessons and mess up the lines. She apologize for the mess-up and later rushed to fetch Hina from the day care centre.

Later at home, Hina innocently saw Sora's test papers and her results are dropping. But she told Miu that everything will be all right and they kept it a secret from Yuuta. The next day, Sora informed her choir chairman that she is resigning from the club and decided to take it easy after that.

She cook breakfast the next day with burnt eggs which everyone eat it anyway. Hina was crying that her favourite TV character LunaLuna was beaten by a new character on TV. Yuuta mentioned that he saw Kurumi last night all drunk and shouting that her character in the show was killed off and she is out of a job.

I wonder if this is a parody of Mizuki Nana?

Reika-Goddess of Arcade Stick!

Yeah! Reika in an Apron!
The next day, Sora saw Kurumi at the cleaners and she is considering quiting as a Seiyu and going back to her parents. After school, Sora want to buy some food for dinner but Yuuta called her that Reika is coming to cook dinner for them.

Sora was very upset that she is started enjoying herself in town and finally on the swings in the park. Reika found her and asked what is wrong with her. Sora refused to say anything but Reika's weird persistent overcome her and Sora started laughing. Reika told her she will listen to her problems anytime. Their relationship got better and they went home to make dinner.

Later, Yuuta accompany Sora to buy milk for Hina and along the way, he was happy that they came to his life and realise the importance of family and helping one another. The next day, Sora decided to join back her choir club which she is accepted again and Kurumi got a role in another show.

That night, Yuuta and the girls started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Kurumi joined them in the singing next door...

Compare to Miu's episode last week, this is actually a much better episode which focus on Sora and Kurumi who have similar problems. Both loved their past time which is singing and voice acting. But they both met a set-back and consider giving up. However they have family and friends who were there with them and finally see a better tomorrow.

So with two more episodes to conclude, what is expected for Yuuta and the girls? From the next episode preview, it seems Yuuta might be leaving them for the sake of the girls?!

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