Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIGI NEWS: My review of PS3 Ninja Gaiden 3

I just finished Ninja Gaiden 3 and I know that there are a lot of bad reviews claiming that it is the weakest among the trilogy. From short game time to lack of weapons and even too many QTE moments, some even claimed that it was the new director, Hayabusa Yosuke's fault for ruining after Itagaki left Team Ninja.

But before someone come here and flame this post, let me give my two cents about the game.

First, I need to address something about Ninja Gaiden. I think the gamers today are spoilt for choice. I belong to old school gamers during the NES days and play the original Ninja Gaiden Trilogy on NES. Guess what, Ryu has only one weapon-A Dragon Sword! Don't count the special ninpo as they are secondary weapons. Ryu just wipe the floor with every enemies with one hit and it was fun.

So when I started playing NG3, I realised...yeah, actually you don't need any fancy weapons to kill your enemies. I mean, the Big Scythe or the Talcon Claws are cool but you have to keep changing weapons to defeat a certain enemy which to be honest, any enemy can be defeat with the sword. I agree that there are too many QTE moments when cutting down the enemy but that make it more realistic as in real life, it is very hard to cut down a person with a sword. It will break your arms if you don't know how to do it.

The Kunai Climb is a tribute to the NES games

I played the hero mode which is the easy setting and I find it to be challenging too. Usually I don't die of enemy attack but due to pit falls. All your moves from the previous games are still there but most of time, the Ultimate Technique (Or I call it a One hit kill attack) I have to use the most due to sheer number of enemies (Human and Non-Human) overwhelming you.

Ayane might be fan favourite but Momiji is my favourite babe!

Ever though it has a total of eight stages, it is pretty long especially the 2nd half of the story with mid bosses keeping appearing and crazy obstacles like a bridge falling and jumping off an exploding building. Overall, if you know your NG 101, I guess it is pretty easy to clean with a few surprises in between. There are some moments where you go back to scenes from the first two games and even the DS game.

I find the storyline quite interesting. We know from the last two games, Ryu doesn't talk much and some describe him as cold and unfriendly. But this one, Ryu talk quite a lot because he has a personal stake on this one. I guess you know from the trailer that Ryu was cursed by a mysterious masked man and the Dragon Sword is now in his body taking his life slowly. Furthermore, a terrorist group has issued an vendetta to the whole world-Surrender in seven days or die.

After that, there are a lot of plot twists that keep you wanting to know more. We also get to see another side of Ryu after he was cursed and the question of whether is there redemption for a person who kill others. There is even some tributes to the original NES games and a cameo which we hope to see this person in future installments.

Overall, in terms of game play, it could be a seven which is all right with me. But the story deserves itself a eight out of ten for me as it is the best storyline among the three games. (At least it is still a game unlike Asura's wrath which is just a show)

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