Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brave 10 Ep 10-The Beginning of the End

Isanami was feeling down after knowing about her truth identify and Saizo was close by watching her. Yukimura informed the others of her past and also has doubts about her. Meanwhile, Ana met up with her contacts which included a revived Hattori Hanzo.

After Yukimura see Rokuro, Mitsunari and Kanetsugu came to see him about Tokugawa's meddling. Saizo sense a presence and it was Hattori Hanzo. He told Saizo that the League of Iga are attacking the others and to kidnap Isanami.

Saizo began to battle him while Kakei and Sasuke were being attacked by Kaiyo who is also the sister of the slain Ouka. Miyoshi and Benmaru were also ambushed by Byakugan with her monstrous strength.

The three group began to battle. Kakei and Sasuke tried to defeat Kaiyo but were overcome by poisonous insects. Miyoshi could not defeat Byakugan as she became more larger and stronger. Isanami found out what was going on however Hattori tied her up to a tree.

Saizo tried to take Hattori down but couldn't lay a scratch on him. Finally Saizo was badly injured while Isanami become more emotional and her power is starting to overwhelm her. Hattori taunt her by blaming her for everyone's demise...

So Hattori is the mastermind who send Ana to infiltrate the Braves. It seems he is working alone with his League of Iga and not under Tokugawa's orders. But each of the Iga ninjas are extremely tough which sad to say, Sasuke and Kakei were overcome by poison while Miyoshi could not stand Byakugan's strength. Now with Jinpachi and Yuki left, can they defeat the next Iga ninja and will Saizo be able to protect Isanami?

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  1. The Iga of five would have won if it wasn't for isanami using her powers the brave 10 would have lost the battle and the Iga clan would have emerged victorious. They didn't joke around they came to kill and they did just that and most of the brave 10 team were defeated