Friday, December 2, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 22-Too many cakes!?

Haruka was walking to work when she saw Miki in a new commercial. She knew that everyone now is busy for the festive season and New Year's show.

Akabane showed Haruka and Chihaya the New Year show poster which Haruka suggested to have a Christmas party for everyone. She remained optimistic even though Chihaya claimed everyone might not make it.

After a recording, the two girls watch Miki being interviewed and she responded she will spend her Christmas with her "Honey" and the reporters became more aggressive. But Haruka and Chihaya were happy that Miki is getting popular.

Haruka started calling the rest of the girls about the Christmas party however everyone is tied down on that day but promise to make it on time. She later received a call from Akabane that she is in a leading role with Miki in a play.

The next day, Haruka got the script from Kotori in the office and she realised that the office is quiet with everyone working on the field. 

When I am going hear "Little Match Girl"?

The days goes by as everyone continued their work and finally on Christmas Eve, Haruka went to buy a cake and a new wallet for Akabane after seeing his old wallet.

Is cakes the only thing people buy for Christmas?

When she arrived with Chihaya, Takane, Makoto, Hibiki, Yayoi and Mami are already putting up the decorations. Yukiho came and they wished Happy Birthday to her too. Soon, the rest of the girls came with Miki and Akabane being the last one.

They started celebrating together and later, Haruka wanted to give Akabane his present when Takagi make an announcement. Miki is awarded the Shining Idol Award this year and everyone congrats her.

Later, Haruka and Chihaya had a talk and wondered if everyone will be together again next year since they will become more popular with their fans and less time for themselves. Haruka wish that every year, everyone will gather again.

Everyone was still enjoying themselves as Haruka never give her present to Akabane and placed it in her bag...

Like mentioned before in Episode 5, Chihaya did asked what happened if they became famous, will their lives change and will everything be the same anymore? Haruka hope that nothing will change however it is impossible given the girls are facing now. Everyone could barely make for the Christmas Party and Haruka's wish might be really naive of her for hoping everyone could get together next year.

Now being Haruka, she too has problems expressing her feelings for Akabane and looking at how Miki is into him, she knew it will be difficult in the future as seen in the next episode, the two girls are in the same play. This is what I am afraid of. The friction between two friends will be tested and how will it resolve? Only time will tell...

P.S. Yukiho's birthday is 24 December and she showed a poster of Little Match Girl which is my favourite Idol song in the PS3 game.

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