Monday, December 5, 2011

Fate Zero Ep 10-Rin's Misadventure

Weeks before the Holy Grail War, Rin was learning magic from her father, Tokiomi and he explained of controlling mana and the consequence if not use properly.

Rin was a popular girl in school and was friends with her classmate, Kotone. When Tokiomi announced that Rin and her mother has to leave Fuyuki city before the war, she was upset and tried to help her father.

She went to the basement where she accidentally open a cursed spell book and it nearly consumed her. Luckily Tokiomi arrived and sealed the book. He advised her not to tamper with the books till she is older. He then gave her a mana compass as a early birthday present.

Days later, Kotone and several other children were reported missing and one of them was even found dead. Rin decided to investigate and went to Fuyuki City at night. She searched around when her compass responded to Ryunnosuke who just abducted a boy.

She trailed him behind and after a while, she found an underground bar where she discovered Kotone and several children unconscious. Ryunnosuke returned and tried to catch her. She noticed a strange bracelet on his hand and tried to overload it with mana.

She nearly loss conscious but held on and managed to destroy the bracelet. All the children suddenly woke up and Rin told them to escape. She too escaped but hide in an alley as she saw the children rescued by the police.

However, one of Caster's plant creatures tried to attack her but a swarm of files killed it. It was Kariya and he called Rin's mother, Aoi to fetch her. Aoi arrived at the park and found Rin unconscious. Kariya appeared and Aoi was shocked to see his face disfigured. He promise that he will win the Holy Grail War and save Sakura. He left after that not realising Assassin was spying on them as order by Kirei.

Rin returned home and still carry on learning magic on her. She promised that she will become a mage and help her father in the future...

A interesting look at Rin's childhood days and why in FSN, her experience and skills had make her a better mage than most of the Masters. Her quick thinking also managed to overload Ryunnosuke's mana bracelet and saving the children.

Kariya's timely rescue is a sign of him caring for Rin and moreover, Sakura. Knowing that he will probably won't make it to the end, (Which most of you already know) he sacrifice himself to save Sakura so that she will not walk the same path as him. Ryunnosuke as usual, seeing how evil he smile at Rin will probably get his demise sooner or later. Though I am more concerned of Kirei who sent Assassin to spy on the various Masters, I wondered who is the true evil? The one who killed children for pleasure or the one who spy and manipulate the war?

Next week we will probably have a three way fight with Saber, Rider and Archer as the three kings meet again...

P.S: Sorry for the late post, I was at my cousin's wedding this weekend and only came back last night. Yes, I am aware of the Kamen Rider/Super Sentai crossover movie next May and I just got the new PSP Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze game. Interesting to see the Showa riders however it is more like a version 3.0 of the previous Climax Heroes game. I am also playing some new games like Saint Seiya Senki, Weibs Schwarz and Senjou no Valkryie 3 Extra Edition. If you want me to review some of these games, feel free to drop me a mail. See you!

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