Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 21-The Hidden Voice of 765 Pro

Chihaya came up clear with her past thank to their reporter friend, Yoshizawa and she and the rest of the girls are preparing for the upcoming Idol Jam live concert. Kuroi was furious that his plan to discredit 765 Pro failed and swore to ruin them at the live concert.

The girls were in their dressing room when Ritsuko found out that their make-up artist was misled to think that the concert was cancelled. However Haruka suggested they help one another to put up the make-up themselves which worked.

Kuroi spoke to the music coordinater to sabotage 765 Pro which Touma saw them from a distance. The coordinater lied to 765 Pro that their songs were misplaced. Akabane gave them a new cd and accompany him to finish the songs.

Ritsuko was left in-charge of the girls and Chihaya left for the first act however she overheard the rest of the girls are trying to save the show. Haruka saw Chihaya and ask what's wrong. Chihaya broke her silence to everyone and want them to give her a chance for everything they have done for her.
The translated title of this song is "Sleeping Beauty"

They agreed and Chihaya went on stage and started singing an Acapella solo. The crowd and the girls love it which angered Kuroi more. Touma confronted him and asked him to stop this obsession. Kuroi was pissed off and left in a hurry where he saw Takagi. They never spoke a word but Takagi could hear the crowd cheering for Chihaya.

The girls congrats Chihaya and continue their acts. Akabane saw Jupiter and Touma apologize to him for Kuroi's actions. He even told Akabane that they quit however they will start all over again to challenge the girls.

After the concert, Takagi ordered Akabane to drive the girls to a special place for their success. They arrived in a high-class pub where they saw Kuroi and Yoshizawa drinking at the bar. Iori was ready to give a piece of her mind but was stopped by Akabane.
Kotori really looked different with make-up!

They sat down and were surprised to see Kotori as the singer of the pub. Her voice was pleasant to everyone as Takagi and Kuroi began to drink. He complained to Takagi that this is not over and he will prove that Idols are nothing more than tools. However Takagi claimed that a producer and an idol must work and understand each other to achieve greatness. Kuroi, being a sore loser left the pub in a hurry.

Later, Akabane asked Kotori why she stopped being an idol. She kept it as a secret as her job is to make the girls the best idols they can. Even Haruka, Chihaya and Miki asked what is it mean to be an idol? Miki replied to stand on stage and be the shining star for everyone. Chihaya added that it is give happiness to everyone. A cold breeze blew them and they realised it will be Christmas soon...

Kuroi tried one last time to sabotage the girls and it backfired. Touma finally stood up against him and now they knew Kuroi was just using them as tools for his revenge. There were two things that stood out in this episode, one was Kotori singing for the girls and I realised she is actually the eldest female in 765 Pro. Her voice was smoothing like a jazz blue singer through I prefer Chihaya's Acapella solo which again prove she is one of the better singer among the girls. Her past as a former Idol could be interesting to tell if they even want to do a side story of her and the reason of Takagi and Kuroi's fallout.

The other thing was Kuroi was in the same bar and Takagi had a drink with him. It was even confirmed though a photo that they help Kotori as an idol in the past. I guess they want to show that even though they disagreed and hated each other, they could sit down in the same place and had a drink which show true gentlemen spirit. (Although Kuroi couldn't stand Takagi's insults and left in a hurry, I could tell that we won't be hearing from Kuroi for a while)

So with Kuroi out of the picture, what could happen next? Well, we are getting a Christmas episode even though it is a month away to the real thing but in this show, anything could happen!

(I can't wait for the subs version that why I might not be able to interpret completely what is really going for this episode but the gist is mostly there. Hope you can understand!)

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