Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fate Zero Ep 9-Parallel Lives

Archibald saw Lancer's past life in his dream. Lancer fell in love with his Lord's wife which result him being killed in the end. Archibald was tied up on a stretcher with Sola attending to him.

She explained that his magic circuits are destroyed which mean he can't use magic anymore. Sola suggested to him that she will be Lancer's master. Archibald warned her that Lancer can't be trusted as he has a hidden agenda for not wanting the Holy Grail. Sola threaten him to give her the command seals by breaking his pinky which he finally did.

Iris has just healed Maiya's wounds and Saber suggested to her to talk to Emiya of finding Caster. Iris found Emiya in the diner room and he is planning to kill Archibald. He knew that Iris will talk him into finding Caster but choose to ignore it. He claimed that saving a few children is not going to win the war and should look at the bigger picture of defeating the other masters.

Sola ordered Lancer to appear and told him that she is his new master. Lancer told her that he only serve Archibald due to his pride as his knight. Sola told him that if they got the Holy Grail, they could use to restore Archibald's magic circuits. Lancer obliged to her after that.

Rider was enjoying a drink with Waver's grandparents and was reprimanded by him. Waver took out his alchemist kit and started experimenting the river water he collected. He found out that someone is using magic near the river and locate the source of it. He deduced the location of Caster's hideout which Rider planned to attack him. Waver warned him of attacking in Caster's home ground but Rider rebutted him to seize the advantage now.

The two of them charged into Caster's hideout but no one was there. Rider warned Waver not to go further however he ignored it and found dead bodies everywhere. Waver was stunned and nearly ambushed by Kirei's Assassins. Rider defended him and the Assassins retreated. Rider destroyed Caster's hideout and retreated too.

Later, Kirei reported to Koyomi of Rider's actions however Koyomi took it easy and planned for their strategy. Kirei felt a sense of dislike for Koyomi as what Archer has told him before a very "Boring" person...

I remembered in FSN, Shiro saw Saber's past when he was unconscious. Now Archibald experience Lancer's past which I now realise that even though the masters and servants have different thinking, they have a lot in common.

Emiya want to save the world while Saber want to save her country, Archer and Koyomi are both very egoistic, Waver want to prove himself just like Rider want to prove he can conquer the world, Archibald and Lancer due to their relationship to women, Kariya wanting to save Sakura from his grandfather just like Berserker wanting to save Guinevere from King Arthur, Ryunnosuke and Caster have serious obsession and Kirei and Assassin who hide in the shadows.

Sola threaten Archibald by breaking his pinky was amusing and crazy as she prove she will do anything to be with Lancer. Unlike Lancer's past love, Grainne who did nothing other confessing her love to Lancer, Sola showed her affection to Lancer which I am sure Archibald will kill them both in the future.

Waver again prove that despite being a third-rate mage, he used Alchemist to aid his work which even Rider was impressed by him. Even though he flip out after seeing the dead bodies in Caster's hideout, Rider didn't blame him and joke that he will punch him if Waver felt unmoved.

Next episode, we move away from the adults and focus on Little Rin as she want to help her father and she ran off to the city.

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