Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 18-Ritsuko's One Shot

Ryugu Komachi has a secret concert for their fans in five days and the girls are practicing under Ritsuko's intensive program. However it was very tough and Ami give Ritsuko the nickname-Devil Drill Sergeant.

Later back in the office, there were a whole box of fan mails for Ryuga Komachi. One of the letter is actually addressed to Ritsuko from her old fan club member-Petit Bellpepper San. She was embarrassed as it contained a old photo of her as an idol.
Asuza look like Ben Stiller in Dodgeball

The next day, Azusa had mumps and is unable to make it for the concert. Ritsuko reorganised the other two members' performances however it is not getting anywhere. Ami and Iori suggested for Ritsuko to take over Azusa's role since she is familiar with the performances.

It's pay back time!

This is the only time Ritsuko removed her glasses.

She rejected immediately and tried to ask Miki to take over. Miki declined and told Ritsuko that she believe she can do a better job than her. Ritsuko finally give in and began training with Iori and Ami. But it wasn't easy for her either and even got stage fright during rehearsal.

On the eve of the concert, Otonashi saw Ritsuko practiced her moves alone while Iori, Ami and Azusa begged Akabane for two favors.

Finally the day came. Iori and Ami told their fans about Azusa's condition. They showed a video of her telling the fans to continue support them and reveal Ritsuko as the special guest performer.

Ritsuko got nervous in the beginning but then she saw her old fan club members in the audiences, she regained her confidence and the concert was successful.

After that, Akabane told her about the two favors from Iori and the others. She replied that her dream now is to make Ryugu Komachi the best idol group however if she even thought of coming back as an idol, she want him to be her producer.
I am giving you triple for what you did to me!

A few days later, Ritsuko continued to drill the girls hard on their practices...

The whole focus is on Ritsuko and how she really push the girls into giving their best. Most probably she is unable to reach a top idol in the past make her tough on the girls. She has experiences in this field which is why her standards are very high. Through Iori and Ami like to complain a lot, they do care for Ritsuko like an elder sister and even call up her old fan club to support her. Even through Azusa is older than Ritsuko, she treat her with respect which said a lot about their relationship.

Like in the previous episodes, Chihaya answered her calls privately which Haruka has started to take notice. I just finished my first run in the PS3 Idolmaster 2 game which I got the bad end. However I got to know more about Chihaya's past and for spoliers' sake, it is not a good one. Furthermore, if the show used Chihaya's plot in the future, it could spell trouble for everyone. Now I have Haruka as the leader with Makoto and Yukiho for my new team which I hope I can do better next round.
Takane look sexy in uniform!

Anyway, Kuroi is up again with his dirty tricks in the next episode and the focus is everyone's favourite silver hair lady-Takane as she become a Police Officer for a day.

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