Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fate Zero Ep 6-The Fine Line

Iris and Saber took a joyride on the highway where they encountered Caster. Caster claimed Saber is Jeanne (Joan in French) and his real name is Gilles de Rais. Saber told him her real name is Arturia (Arthur) of Britain however he does not believe her and claimed that she has lost her memory.

Saber swing a warning attack at Caster which drove him off. Kirei's Assassins were behind and trailed both servants. Caster came back to his lair and told Ryunnosuke he want to sacrifice children to define God.

Meanwhile Archibald was angry by Lancer's actions earlier however his fiancee, Sola spoke up for Lancer. She also remind Archibald that they broke the rules by making her supply Mana for Lancer and Archibald remained as the master.

Suddenly, a fire broke out in the hotel however Archibald claimed it is a challenge by another Master. The people in the hotel were evacuated and Emiya resorted to blowing up the whole hotel.

He asked Maiya for any sight of Archibald but there was no sign of him. Suddenly she was attacked by Kirei. She managed to escape with Emiya's help. Assassin then informed Kirei of Caster's location.

Kirei reported Caster's actions to Koyomi and they planned to have all the Masters to kill Caster and Ryunnosuke indirectly.

Kirei reported to his office and saw Archer enjoying some wines. He asked Kirei whether does he have any desires however he replied no. Archer dislike Koyomi's way of doing things and suggest Kirei to watch over the other Masters' purposes and find out what is "Joy in Life."

First, Caster's obsession with Saber is hardcore. Even after telling him her real name, he insisted she is Jeanne and blamed God for making her like that. He vented his anger by kidnapping children and killing them. This of course, anger the church and now they planned to have the other Masters to kill Caster.

Then Archibald also broke the rules by letting his Fiancee, Sola to supply Mana for Lancer while he hide in the shadow giving orders. I got a feeling that Sola will betray him given her affections to Lancer thanks to his charm.

Emiya really overkill to get the job done. Knowing as the Mage Killer, he blow up a whole building to kill Archibald which most probably it didn't work. Of course, he had the heart to evacuate the people out of the hotel as he doesn't want innocent blood in his hand.

Finally, Kirei's conversation with Archer which those who watch FSN will know, they will conspire against Koyomi and the Church and become the main villians in the future. The word "Root" they mention is actually another dimension where all things originated which is a common theme in Type Moon's other works-Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai. Even the long blades that Kirei used is the same one used by Ciel from Tsukihime given that they belong to the same church.

So the next episode is titled "Demon's forest" which is similar to FSN's episode where Shiro and the others battle Berserker however this time, it is Caster that the Masters are up against.

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