Saturday, November 5, 2011

Heroes Phantasia Promo Video Trailer

We finally got a new promo video of the PSP game Heroes Phantasia that I talk about a few months back.

Follow this link to watch the trailer

What I think about it?  I could rename this title of this game into: Sunrise x Production I.G x Kadokawa x Bones but that will be too long.

Anyway, other than Darker than Black series, I have watch every series from this game expect for Keroro Gusou which seems to never end. But it kinda of give some nostaglc feelings during a time when anime are good like Scyred, Slayers and even Mai Hime.

The battle system remind me of Tales of series with it's chain combo and the animation cut-in scenes is really nice just like the shows. (Yeah, Lina's Dragon Slay really take about a minute to chat the spell.)

Hopefully, if it is good, we can hope for another sequel where R.O.D the tv series, Mai Otome (My favourite) and even Record of Lodoss War could be in it.

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