Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DIGI NEWS: Phoenix Wright (Gyakuten Saiban) Live Action Trailer & Musou Orochi 2 Game Trailer

From now on, all game related news will be under Digi News so that you can get the latest info on video games related news.

First, those who own a Nintendo DS will surely know Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Series which is one of the best selling titles. With it's courtroom battles, over-the-top characters and an amazing storyline, I love it.

Click here to watch the trailer

Now Toho has just released their first trailer for the live action Phoenix Wright movie. Known as Gyakuten Saiban which is the Japanese Title, the characters really look like their game counterparts. From the costumes to their hairstyle, I am quite surprised that it doesn't look silly. The courtroom scenes look fun to watch with 3D holograms and their famous phrases-"Take that, Hold it and Objection!"

The trailer looks like it is based on the first game with the focus on the fourth case-Turnabout Goodbye episode. For spoilers sake, I won't tell you how it goes. Go and google or wiki to find out more. The movie will air on 11 February 2012

Next we have a trailer for the upcoming Musou Orochi 2 or Warriors Orochi for the Overseas audience. As usual, the crossover of Samurai and Dynasty warriors returned with the cast based on the new PS3 series. However, what struck out was the 3 guest warriors-Joan of Arc from Bladestorm, Achilles from Warriors of Troy and Ryu (Bad Ass) Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden!

Musou Orochi 2 Trailer

I got hyped up when I saw Ryu kicking ass and his theme music-The Fight of your Life got an awesome remix. He is probably the first character I will be using and the three guests also have their story lines and stages. Yeah! Now I am really pumping up!

Coming soon on 22 December 2011!

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