Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fate Zero Ep 8-The Strength of A Mage Killer

Iris and Maiya were away from the castle when Iris could sense Kirei's presence. The two women disobey Emiya's order and planned to stop Kirei.

Emiya fire a special round and pierce Archibald's defence. It injured him and Emiya escaped further. He knew the next round, Archibald will raise his defences using his mana and counting on it.

Kirei was attacked by Maiya but he was too strong and took her down. Iris faced him and used a magic wire to create an eagle to attack him. She managed to bind his hand to a tree however Kirei broke free using his internal strength.

Saber and Lancer took a chance and she fired Air Strike which cleaned a path for Lancer to hit Caster's mage book. This caused all the monsters to be destroyed which angered Caster to retreat.

Archibald confronted Emiya and he fire another special round which Archibald's sphere absorbed it. However the round prove it's worth as Emiya remembered a woman named Natasha in his younger days explaining to him that the rounds which is mixed with his ribs can damage a Mage's magic circuit causing them to lose their powers and sometime killing them.

Archibald suddenly was in pain and was defeated. However Lancer came to his aid after Caster has retreated. He told Emiya that he will not kill him as a debt to Saber but will fight with her in fair terms. He retreated with Archibald after that.

Kirei held Iris by the throat and found out that she is a fake master to protect Emiya and she is a vessel carrying the holy grail. He could not understand why she want to protect him when Assassin informed him that Saber is on her way. Kirei stabbed Iris and escaped.

Saber arrived to Iris's side however Iris has already healed from her wounds. She did not explain to Saber that Avalon was placed inside her as order by Emiya to protect Iris from harm. Iris then went to heal Maiya and also realised Kirei is the most dangerous enemy they have to face...

So we can see that both Emiya and Kirei are really tough as they displayed how dangerous they could be against Mages. Emiya who was given special rounds mixed with his ribs is able to cause Mage's magic circuit to overload and his strategy in using Archibald's defence against him work. Kirei is like a tank who can take machine gun rounds and even destroy a tree which is totally ridiculous. No wonder Emiya Shiro had a hard time defeating him in FSN.

We also got to see Avalon who happened to be part of Excalibur which is now in Iris's body. Avalon is supposed to be the ultimate defence shield and it has the ability to heal any wounds. However given the circumstances, I got a feeling that Iris will eventually pass Avalon to Emiya and she will pass on. Emiya will then used Avalon to save Shiro's life before the events of FSN.

From the next episode, it seems that Sola suggest to Archibald that she will be Lancer's master while Rider seems to be pissed after Waver got hurt...

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