Friday, November 18, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 20-Thank you for Smile (Prepare some tissues!)

Chihaya's past of her brother killed in a road accident and her family ended in divorced was twisted in the news article and it affect everyone in 756 Pro. Chihaya was harassed by reporters and she was still unable to regain her vocals.

Touma confronted Kuroi for using such tactics to attack 756 Pro. He warned Touma of his status and not to interfere. Chihaya's condition was psychological in nature as the doctor explained to Akabane. Chihaya felt a sense of guilt which she finally told Akabane and Haruka that she is giving up being an idol.

Chihaya isolated in her house and Haruka came to visit her. She tried to encourage Chihaya but she scold Haruka to stop being a good Samaritan.

Haruka returned to the office and was approached by Chihaya's mother. She passed her deceased son's sketchbook to her and to pass it to Chihaya. Haruka asked her why she couldn't pass it to her personally however she is in no position to help Chihaya anymore.

Haruka explained Akabane the situation which she asked him if she should being a good Sanitarian. He told her that her optimism is her strongest point and should never be discouraged.

The days goes by as the girls are preparing a concert but without Chihaya in it. Finally Haruka suggested an idea to Akabane. After that, Haruka went to Chihaya's house and drop a mail inside her house. She opened the letter and it include the sketchbook, a score sheet and a CD. The letter written by Haruka told her that everyone chipped in to compose a new song and hope she will join them in singing together.

Finally the day for the concert is here but Chihaya has not arrived. As the girls got ready, Chihaya arrived and joined them. She apologize to Haruka for yelling at her but she doesn't mind at all.

Chihaya went up on stage but was unable to sing. Suddenly Haruka started singing, followed by everyone. Chihaya saw her "younger self" and "brother" on stage and she is finally able to sing again!

Everyone loved it and Chihaya saw herself and her brother thanking her again...

This is by far the best episode in Idolmaster! Although the start was really moody and dark with Chihaya isolating herself and Haruka trying not to give up on her, it finally ended with a great song and a closing for Chihaya. Haruka did most of the job in this episode and it really showed her character as the heart and soul of the group. Without her, everyone will be very self-centered and uncaring.

I am glad that they didn't drag Chihaya's plot and we got a new song titled "Promise" which is by far the best group song done by the girls. The moment they started singing together, that really brought my spirits up and a tear came to me. (No kidding!) I hope I can find this song and really enjoy it.

Next episode, the girls fight back as now they challenge Kuroi and Jupiter!


  1. Hi kragito wonder if u have any review on persona this anime?

  2. このエピソードは、とても悲しいです

  3. Hi Ayame, I am sorry but I didn't play any of the Persona Series that why I didn't review it. Other than Idolmaster and Fate Zero, I am currently watching Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai, Ika Musumue S2 and Boku no Tomodachi Ga Sukuna which are fine with me.

    I will be doing a review of the Infinite Stratos OVA once it come out. See you then!