Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 16-Hibiki Dolittle

Chihaya had a nightmare of her childhood as her parents had a divorce and she was separated from her younger brother. Meanwhile Hibiki had an argument with her St Bernard dog, Inuami over the breakfast this morning. Inaumi refused to listen to her as a result she did not bring him for the recording of a show about animals.

Kuroi of 961 Pro conspired with the producer of the tv show to sabotage Hibiki and let Jupiter to host the show instead. During the recording, Hibiki couldn't get along with the new dog but Akabane asked her to focus on the show. Jupiter arrived as a special guest and Touma had some frictions with Akabane calling his idols of using underhand methods.

A staff tricked Hibiki into a deserted highway and she fell into a ledge. Akabane got worried when she is missing and went to search for her. Hibiki's hamster, Hamuzou told Hibiki to get Inuami for help but she refused to listen. Hamuzou slapped her on left to find Inuami. She started remembering that she used to make their food for her pets but due to her busy schedule, she started giving pet food which the pets aren't happy about it.

Hamuzou found Inuami and signaled Haruka and the others to help. Akabane later overheard from the producer and Kuroi about their scheme and confronted them. Kuroi taunted him into cancelling the show which will let a bad image to their company.

Suddenly Hibiki arrived with her pets and the recording continued. Kuroi was furious about it and left with Jupiter. Touma thought that Hibiki is playing Diva and felt that the girls should use their talents instead of underhand methods...

I think that Kuroi is the real villain in this show and not Jupiter. Kuroi spreading false rumors of the girls which Jupiter blindly believing it. Touma want to challenge the girls in a fair fight which Kuroi will probably sabotage. Hopefully the girls will be able to convince Jupiter of Kuroi's evil schemes which I believe in the next episode, Makoto is facing Touma and that might help Jupiter into seeing the truth.

For this episode alone, it is Hibiki's relationship with her pets and everyone is amazed that she can really communicate with her pets like Dr Dolittle. But I am concerned with Chihaya's dream and a future episode of her strained relationship with her family. Most probably it will definitely cause conflict with her career and her friends.

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