Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fate Zero Ep 4-The Demonic Spear

Saber and Lancer face each other and somehow Lancer's charm which make female fell into his spell was useless against Saber's anti magic abilities. The two began to battle as Saber used her invisible sword to take on Lancer's twin spear.

Emiya and Maiya were nearby and began to take vantage point to observe the battle. Saber managed to land a cut on Lancer's face however he is not giving Saber an easy time due to his spear's long range.

Emiya found Archibald nearby and deduced that he is Lancer's master. He also discovered Assassin in another vantage point watching the battle too.

Kirei was able to see the battle through Assassin's eyes and communicating with Kariya. Kirei informed that Iris is in the battlefield which Kariya deduced that she is Saber's master.

The battle continued when Lancer placed one of his spear on the ground and began attacking with his long spear. This time, the spear revealed part of her invisible sword which worried Saber. They clashed again however the spear injured her. Iris healed her however Saber saw no damage to her armour. She realised that Lancer's spear was a mana canceller which Saber's armour is made out of it.

She removed her armor and began battling again. Lancer tricked her and armed himself with the other spear. The spear cut her left tendon but Saber managed to injured his left arm too.

Rider and Waver were also witnessing the battle however Rider's eagerness make him join the battle too as he want to challenge the two servants in combat.

Saber ordered Iris to heal her tendon however she did already. She suspected that the cut from the other spear could have trigger a curse which cause all injures to unable to heal. Saber figured out Lancer's real name is Diarmuid and he too figured out that she is King Arthur.

Saber wore her armor again and want to continue the battle. However Rider and Waver crash-gate in which Rider announced his name-Iskandar, King of Conquerors...

A good battle to start off with which is definitely better than Saber taking on Lancer in Fate Stay Night. It truly show how the master can help the servant in battle and taking advantage of the situation. Archibald hiding in the shadow is a sign of cowardliness but yet he is protecting himself from being exposed. I remember one of the rules was if the master is dead, the servant can choose to ally with another servant-less master. Emiya secretly assisting Iris and Saber is a good idea, knowing that the other masters will not play fair. He now knew that Assassin is still alive which no doubt he will find out the conspiracy between Kirei and Kamiya.

The show-stopper in this episode is Rider who blindly declared his name which Waver is really going regret again about it later. Some might wonder why his name is Iskandar and not Alexander the Great? According to some history books, Iskandar was a name created by the Persians writing about his legend. I think not calling him Alexander might be the fact that beside being a great conqueror, his relationship with men and women is questionable. Thank god, they didn't indicate that in Fate Zero...

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