Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 17-Princess for a Day

Makoto is getting popular with female fans after being labelled "Prince". After buying a shoujo manga, she walked back to the office where she was mobbed by her fans.
Makoto tried to act cute again!

Back in the office, Makoto complained that she does not like being treated as a prince and wished she was a princess. Chihaya received a call and went outside to answer. Akabane took Makoto for her recording for a talk show and they met up with Jupiter who are also the special guests.

Touma provoked Makoto which she nearly lost her temper. After the recording, they met backstage however Akabane stepped in and tried to explain the truth of Hibiki's accident. However President Kuroi came by and taunted them.
The game they are playing is suppose to be a zombie shooting game but the name of the game is Time Crisis 4

Later, Makoto vented her anger in an arcade centre which Akabane accompanied her. She complained that the reason she joined as an idol is hoping that she can a real princess. Her father is a strict person and refused to let her do anything which is consider "weak" or "feminine".

Makoto then asked Akabane to take her on a date after buying a skirt. They went to the amusement theme park and enjoyed themselves. Makoto again complained about her father and wished that she can be a princess so that she can enjoy being a girl. (She won a soft bear in a mini game)

They came across two girls being harassed by some thugs which Makoto stepped in. The girls recognize her as an Idol which irritated the thugs. One of the thugs tried to attack her but Akabane shield them and took the blow.

When he came about, Makoto was beside him and she explained that more of her fans gathered after that and chased the thugs away. Akabane explained that although an idol's job is to give people dreams and Makoto has already given dreams for her fans to work on.

Finally they sat the merry-go-round where Makoto sat in the carriage and felt like a princess once. When they came back, Miki and the Futami twins found out about the date and started harassing Akabane.

The next day, Makoto has an another recording about "princes" which she requested Akabane that she wore a skirt...
Makoto look nice in a skirt.

A nice episode and to see Makoto being like a box of chocolates where her expression ranges from manly to cuteness. I giggled as she narrate the manga scene with both her manly and feminine voice. She also took Akabane on a date which is fun showing off her female side. Of course, she can't get away from her fans and her sense of justice.

I was expecting a confrontation between her and Touma but it was shot down by Kuroi who again make over-the-top remarks to taunt Akabane and Makoto. Again we are giving a teaser as Chihaya is having some personal problems and even took her call outside the office.

Next week, it is about Ryugu Komachi team as they too show signs of frictions.

P.S-I just got the PS3 Idolmaster 2 game and my team is consists of Chihaya, Miki and Takane which I named the group-Ta-Mi-Chi. So far it is quite fun and thank god with all the walkthrough and guides on the net, I was able to understand the game better.

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