Monday, August 22, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 21-Tiger vs Black Tiger

Now Tiger is on the run from every hero in the city. Maverick has his records totally deleted from the networks so as to prevent people from knowing the truth.

Sky High found Tiger and tried to catch him. Tiger managed to evade him and continue his escape. Kaede knew the truth of Tiger's real job from her grandmother and believe that he is innocent.

Meanwhile, Yuri tried to find more information about Tiger but there was no records. He suspected something amiss and planned ahead. Tiger found Origami Cyclone, Dragon Kid and Rock Bison near his home and tried to take him down. Tiger used his NEXT powers and ran into the sewer.

At the same time, Kaede took her savings and went to the city to find Tiger. Blue Rose cornered Tiger which he tried to talk some sense to her. She hesitated as Tiger mentioned about the towel he gave to her.

Suddenly, a Black suit which looks similar to Tiger's power suit appeared and tried to take down Tiger. However Tiger was faster and throw him off. Tiger tried to escape but was caught by Black Tiger's ropes. Flame Emblem mentioned to Tiger that this Black Suit person is the real "Tiger".

Tiger nearly lose hope when Lunatic appeared and cut the rope. Lunatic mentioned to Tiger that he is a victim of "Fake Justice" and asked him to reflect of what has happened so far. Tiger make his escape while Lunatic hold the heroes off.

Tiger dressed as a hermit, saw Maverick on the news which he claimed Bunny was at his resort home all this while. Tiger put two to two together and realised that Maverick has lied about everything. He make a dash after civilians spotted him and he jump into a taxi.

The taxi driver was Ben, Tiger's old friend. He drove into a alleyway which Ben knew that Tiger will never commit the murder. He gave Tiger his old costume which he kept in his rear boot. Tiger then had a idea to make his friends remember.

Kaede arrived at the headquarters of the heroes and was approached by Maverick. He lied that Bunny is not here however he was in a car waiting for him, Kaede didn't took the bait and continued to walk into the building.

Tiger worn his old costume and challenged the heroes to meet him at the roof of their headquarters. Maverick watch in his private room while Bunny suit-up a black version of his suit...

So now Tiger has to face all his friends which I believe he want to talk some sense like how he did to Blue Rose. Lunatic wasn't a blind vigliatne and used his brains to figure out Tiger was framed. Bunny is still kept in the dark of everything and I guess the Black Tiger is just an android as he never spoke a word in the battle. But I got a feeling that Kaede could be a wild card as Maverick hasn't figure out her power and he "touch" her for a moment. That could be the only key to save Tiger from certain death!

P.S. Tiger swinging in the buildings is really like Spiderman!

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