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Singapore Toys, Game & Comics Convention 2011-An Afternoon with Itou Shizuka

The last two days I was at Suntec City where the Singapore Toys, Game & Comics Convention (STGC for short) was held. It was pretty all right with the local media promoting their toys, games and locally made comics. The displays for some of the new toys were pretty good and the cos players were good. (Some of them actually.) The photos for the cosplay are from the first day.

Before I go any further, let me tell you something about a discussion with my friends. Last year's AFA (Anime Festival Asia), Japanese Seiyu Hanazawa Kana came to Singapore and I didn't went cause she wasn't really my favourite and I just make a claim that if Nana Mizuki or Itou Shizuka were to come, I will go! Then about a week ago, I read the papers and found out that Itou Shizuka is coming to STGC! Oh Crap! I had to go and see her! But the VIP tickets were all sold out so I had to be very early to get a spot behind the VIP seatings.
Yeah, this is the only proof that I was there.

So I went down at 2 p.m and immediately found a spot just behind the VIP seatings and it is next to the main camera stand. The cameraman didn't mind me and with my friend, Mike who was holding a better camera, we patiently waited. We also heard an announcement that there was no photo-taking or video recordings during the performance. (Buzz kill!)

Then finally around 3.05 p.m, a female MC came on stage and announced the arrival of Itou Shizuka. Shizuka came in, wearing a white Yukata and tied her hair with a flower. She was really pleasant looking though Mike commented she need to put on some weight.

So, the MC and Shizuka asked questions about Singapore and how she find the fans here. She has done some sight-seeing the night before and love how the locals were full of life! She was worried that no one will attend her performance but she was surprised to see so many fans. I yelled to her "Daijufu desu" (It's okay!) and she thank me! (I was so in heaven!)

Then Shizuka performed a scene from Hayate no Gotoku Season 2 which she performed as Hinagiku and the scene was the birthday scene with Hayate. I watched both screens to see her reaction and performance and she did it like a real pro!

Then the MC asked some questions which are posted online for her to answer. One of the questions was how she prepare for a character for a new show? Shizuka explained that she will be given an explanation of the characters from the staff which she will project that character in her head and perform it out. Another question was asked of what characters will she like to do beside Tsurude characters? She want to do strong women and sweet female characters which I hope to see her do so.

She also did some lines of some characters like Amagami SS's Haruka, Saki's Hisa Takei, Okami Ryoko and another line from Hinagiku. The winners actually got an autograph panel from her. Man, I wish it was me...(I want her to perform Wilhelmina from Shakuga no Shana and she like fishing which I find it interesting)

Anyway, she was only here for a hour and she bid farewell to the fans and hope to see her again! I yelled "Shizuka Chan, Daisuki!" which I hoped no one noticed. She went down the stage and waved goodbye to the fans.

So an Afternoon with Itou Shizuka ended. I knew her from Negima's Misa and from there, she done many characters which are my favourites-Hinagiku, Wilhelmina, Tamaki (To Heart 2), Kanzaki Kaori (A Certain Magical Index). Through most of it are supporting characters but I like her for her strong and sweet performances. Maybe I will catch Amagami SS to see her as Haruka. (She did the Nyan voice as Haruka which I will find out where did it come from.)

I hope Shizuka will go back and tell her colleagues in Japan about Singapore. Maybe her best friends, Hitomi Natabane and Shirashi Ryoko will come next year. Anyway the best to her and hope we can see her again.
This is taken from her blog- and yes, she was wearing the same Yukata on stage.

P.S: Thanks to the cos players who pose with me. The rest of the photos will be up probably next week once I got the photos from Mike who took with his camera. (Thank, Mike!)

Update: New photos which Mike took for me!

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