Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 20-Who Framed Mr Tiger?

Maverick put Bunny into sleep and place Jake as his parents' killers in his memories. The next day, the heroes received a call from Agnes claiming that Bunny is un-contactable. Tiger came in and denied any trouble with Bunny.

He received a call from Maverick to come to his office. When he arrived, Maverick spike his coffee however Tiger didn't drink it and spotted a pin which he bought for Bunny the day before. Then Samantha called him on the phone and urgently need to see him in the office.

Maverick called his men to make a terrorist bombing in one of the shopping mall as a diversion. Tiger and the other heroes were send to the scene as Maverick's men kidnapped Samantha. Tiger thought she left on her own and was about to leave when he found the same pin in his car. He then realised that Bunny did came to Maverick's office last night.

Meanwhile Bunny woke up in Maverick's home and completely forgot what has happened last night. Tiger called Maverick and informed about the pin in his office. He then informed Maverick that he is heading to Samantha's house. Maverick called his men to set a trap for Tiger and erased all memories of Tiger from Bunny.

As Tiger arrived at Samantha's home, he found the door ajar and the fireplace was heated up. He sat down and look at Samantha's scrap book of Bunny's achievements. Meanwhile, Maverick held a gathering for the heroes and staff. He spiked their drinks and erased all their memories of Tiger.
Maverick appeared in front of Samantha and burned the photo of her and Bunny. He then ordered his men to kill her.

The next day, Tiger woke up and realised that Samantha did not return home. He returned to office and his manager, Lloyd did not recognise him. His access card was denied to the building and then a special newsflash is broadcast on television.

Tiger was shocked to find that he is framed for the murder of Samantha which caused everyone to find him. He evaded escape from the heroes as they began combing the city for him. Bunny received the news too from Maverick and swore to avenge Samantha...

So Tiger is probably the most naive super hero and a dumb one to fall for the oldest trick in Super Villians' scheme. Well now with the heroes blindly going after Tiger, thanks to Maverick's manipulations, Tiger have to clear his name fast and I am sure Bunny and even Lunatic were be out looking for him. Maverick is one hell of a villain and sure doesn't care about anyone except himself. I mean he murdered an old lady...that's creepy...

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