Friday, August 19, 2011

The Idolmaster Ep 7-Family Ties

The girls watched a TV reporter interviewing Iori's household and Yayoi is envious of her house. Akabane spoke to Iori of not ruining her image during the interview. She rebutted him claiming that he is not her manager however Akabane replied he want to help everyone in the company and they come to him if they have problems.

Later, Yayoi invited Iori and Hibiki to her house and they went to the supermarket to buy dinner. Yayoi was an expert in choosing the ingredients which surprised Iori. When they arrived at Yayoi's home, her siblings welcome them. Iori and Hibiki played with the siblings while Yayoi prepare dinner.

Yayoi served fried beans which Iori enjoyed it despite being a simple meal. Yayoi's brother Chousuke had a fight with his younger brother which Yayoi reprimanded him. Chousuke yelled at her back and ran out of the house.

Yayoi and Hibiki went to find him after he didn't came back home. Iori accompanied the rest of the siblings and gave a call to Akabane for help. He arrived to help in the search but there were still no sign of Chousuke.

Iori called Akabane again and he asked where will Iori hide if she has an argument with her brothers. She make a guess and found Chousuke in the storage closet. Iori advised Chousuke to be more sensible as Yayoi is trying hard to take care of her siblings and she really love them despite working as an idol.

Yayoi and the others came back home and she hugged Chousuke tightly and they reconciled. As Iori and the others walked home, she thank Akabane for helping out and gained his trust. The next day, Chousuke become more responsible in the household which Yayoi was happy about it...

I was worried that this episode is another Iori-centred story but it was about Yayoi and her siblings. Being one who has to balance work and family, she really take both of them seriously important. I like her domestic skills and ability in choosing ingredients at the supermarket. Akabane doesn't loath about Ryuga Komachi and he treated them as his friends and colleagues which said a lot of his kindness. Iori also learn to respect Akabane which I hope she can be more matured and stop being a snob.

So move along to the next episode which Asuza got "kidnapped" and Makoto the "Prince" has to save her?!

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