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The Idolmaster Ep 3-6

Here is my review of the Idolmaster Episode 3 to 6. You will notice I will call Producer San, Akabane from now on based on his Seiyu as it is weird calling him Producer San as there could be more than one Producer mentioned. You will also noticed that there is no @ on the Idolmaster title due to the word turning into a link. So let's get started!

Ep 3: The girls went to the countryside for the a performance. However the facilities were a bit old and the girls went to assist the folks in the setting up and cooking. Yukiho who has a fear of men was freaked out by the number of male workers. She nearly back down as an old lady brought her dog to the performance. But Akabane gave her the confidence despite also afraid of dogs too. Yukiho came on a stage in an outrageous costume and gave a lively performance with Haruka and Makoto.
Takane find the frog costume interesting.

Ep 4: Haruka. Chihaya, Takane and Hibiki went on a cooking show however Chihaya is a buzz kill as she nearly ruined the show by throwing a tantrum. Luckily Haruka saved her in time before more damages can be done. Akabane later found Chihaya singing alone and was mesmerised by her singing. Chihaya felt that she can't do anything else beside singing but Akabane gave her words of encouragement and continue the show successfully.

After the show, Akabane want to treat the girls for Ice cream however Chihaya declined the offer and went home alone. Akabane also learn that she is staying alone and has issues with her parents of her becoming an idol.

According to official status, Chihaya has the smallest bust size!

Ep 5: It is summer time and the office's air conditioner is down. The girls suggested to Akabane to go to the beach for a vacation. He agreed and the next day, they went to the beach and had a great time. Later that night, they stayed at an Inn due to budget costs and even had a barbecue on the beach.
Miki, we are not an official couple yet...

Chihaya and Haruka had a talk and wondered if they have even have another trip together once they become famous. When they came to the office, Ritsuko's plan of having a secondary idol group-Ryuga Komachi is confirmed which comprises of Azusa, Ami and Iori.
Love Asuza's new hairdo!
Even the hamster is listening!

Ep 6: Ritsuko's group-Ryuga Komachi is gaining popularity which the other girls were envious about it. Akabane decided to work harder to make the rest of them well-known.
Maybe you should wear Black Gothic Dress then you will look like Suigintou from Rozen Maiden.

Yukiho's digging skills is incredible!

However he overlooked their potential, resulting the girls getting into awkward situations like Takane going for a Gothic photo shoot which is more for Yayoi, Yukiho having a male phobia again, Yayoi playing an extra in an action show which suited Makoto more.

Later, he double-booked Hibiki for a dance stint but is now doing a promotional show with Haruka. Miki volunteered to take her place and rushed to help Makoto. Surprisingly, Miki could memorise the dance steps after seeing it once and was praised by the director of the show.

Ryuga Komachi appeared in a television program and the girls were envious of it. Akabane realised he has much more to do for Haruka and the others...

Well, what do I think of Idolmaster now? Not bad as there are so many girls that you can choose from and the chemistry between them is fun to watch. Like what I said before, Miki, Takane, Chihaya and Asuza (which I like her new hairdo) are my favourite girls. Seeing Ryuga Komachi as a rival idol group for Akabane's idols will definitely cause friction between the girls and the worst thing, they are all under the same roof.

For the latest episode, Miki realised that she can't be lazy anymore and is willing to work harder as an Idol. She is also an incredible person who can memorise dance steps after seeing once which could an hidden assets for Akabane. Anyway, next episode, Iori went to Yayoi's home and learn how to live as a simple person, given that both of them have very different finance status.

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