Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 19-I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

Tiger went to visit Bunny and tried to comfort him by cooking fried rice. However Bunny was still troubled by his parents' murders. Tiger suggested to retrace the steps on the day of the murder and went to the skating range with Bunny.

They went to the skating range and coincidentally it is near Christmas eve. Bunny recalled taking a photo with Mr Maverick behind a Christmas tree and he still can't recall what happened after that. Tiger ensured him that he will supported him as his partner. He fainted due to exhaustion and Tiger took him to the sick bay.

Tiger gave a call to his mother and Kaede scolded him for not keeping his promise. An awaken Bunny overheard the conversation and misunderstood Tiger of quiting. Tiger tried to explain but Bunny became insensitive and want to break their partnership. Tiger slapped him which drove Bunny away.

Bunny went to talk to Mr Maverick and told him about his parents' unsolved murder. Suddenly Bunny received a call from his maid, Samantha who show him a picture of them together on the day of the murder. The picture was similar to the one taken with Mr Maverick.

He confronted Mr Maverick who confessed that he murdered his parents. Years ago, his parents created suits for the NEXT to use in his HERO TV show. However due to bad ratings, Mr Maverick conspired with Ouroboros to create flashy crimes to boost their ratings. Bunny's parents found out that he had given their technology to Ouroboros to commit crimes. They planned to call the police but were murdered by Mr Marvick.

Mr Maverick also revealed himself to be a NEXT and his abilites was to plant new memories on people. Bunny became traumatised and Mr Maverick show him his parents' death and planned to manipulate Bunny's mind...

Like I said before a few episodes ago, Mr Maverick's generosity is too good to be true and see?! He is behind the murders and conspire with Ouroboros. Furthermore, Mr Maverick's powers is the reason why the Ouroboros criminals are unable to reveal anything when questioned. Bunny was also being a jerk for not waiting to hear Tiger's explanation and Tiger was just too dumbfounded to say anything.

So now the fate of Bunny is unknown as Tiger tried to search for him and what is Mr Maverick's plan now? Will someone give me a hint on what will happen next!?

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