Friday, August 12, 2011

Some Updates...

As you can see the blog now, the banner is the current show-The Idolm@ster. I was at first uninterested after episode 2 probably due to be a Kugimiya Rie episode. But after watching episode 3 which show the girls performing in a village and episode 4 is a Chihaya episode, I was interested in getting to the show.

Then episode 5 which is a beach episode and this week's episode which I will review soon, now I like three of the girls which is Takane, Chihaya and Miki. Furthermore this October is the PS3 version of Idolm@aster 2 and after seeing the trailer, I am hyped up for it!

So, I will get the review done soon and hope to see you then! See Ya!

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