Thursday, August 4, 2011

Banpresto Games present: Heroes Fantasia and Weiß Schwarz Portable-Crossover on PSP

Coming this Winter is a crossover of ten different anime series in a RPG game called Heroes Fantasia. The story is not known but the characters of these ten series will team up (Like all cross-over games) to do what else? Save the world!

The series included:

Slayers Revolution
Louie the Rune Soldier
ROD-Read or Die
Keroro Gusou
Mai Hime
Darker than Black
Darker than Black-Ryusei no Gemini

The gameplay is a four men party and the attack system is similar to Valkryie Profile. Of course, there will be interactions between the characters. Hopefully there will be voice-overs and animation clips to make the game better. No official date yet but probably Winter of this year.

Weiß Schwarz Portable: Fans of the anime card game will be rejoin that a PSP version will be coming on 23 November 2011. It's played like Yugi-Oh only with anime characters.

However there are two different version: Side Weiß which include the following series:
Nanoha As, Nanoha Strikers, Nanoha the First, Haruhi Suzumiya Series, A Certain Magical Index, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Angel Beats and one of the side characters from Little Busters. (I don't know this character.)

Side Schwarz will include the following series: Idolmaster Series, Fate Stay Night Series, Milky Holmes and the two Macross Frontier Movies. The gameplay will also include anime scenes like Saber's Excaliber or Misaka's Railgun Shoot.

There is also an original story where you play the card game with various female characters in a school and solve the mysteries for the battle. Through I wonder do I need both various to get every cards or both. Furthermore, Nanoha and Railgun is on one version while Fate Stay Night and Macross Frontier is in another version...Decisions, decisions...

Follow the link to see the promo video to understand more of the game.

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