Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 17: Family Ties

Tiger requested for some time off from his boss to visit his family. Bunny ensured him that he can handle the job himself. Tiger returned to his hometown and was "welcomed" by his elder brother, Matsaru who is working in a liquor store.

When Tiger arrived home, he meet his mother and went to his daughter Kaede's room. He found out that she is a big fan of Bunny. Kaede came home and was annoyed by Tiger's actions.

During dinner, she gave the cold shoulder to him. He compensated by giving her a signed autograph of Bunny's new book but were still in bad terms.

Tiger went to meet his brother at the liquor store and he confessed that he is losing his powers gradually. Matsaru advised him that it is not the end of the world if he finally lost his power.

Tiger recalled that his dying wife, Tomoe told him to protect the citizens as it is his responsibility. After his last rescue, he got a call from the hospital that Tomoe has passed away. He doubt to himself whether he did the right thing all these times.

The next day, Tiger's mother collapse which worried Kaede. Tiger ensured her that it was nothing serious but she rebutted back telling him that he doesn't know anything. He went to Tomoe's grave and met Matsaru. He told Tiger that Kaede is worried that she will be all alone if grandmother passed away due to the fact she lost her mother already.

After school, Kaede went to a nearby shrine to pray for her grandmother's health when a heavy downpour begin. She took shelter in the shrine but some trees were uprooted and blocked the doors.

She tried to call for help but there was no signal. Tiger and Matsaru went to find for her which Tiger used his power to find her. He found her and escaped before the whole shrine collapsed.

Finally, Tiger decided to tender his resignation and returned to the city. He promise Kaede that he will come back and take care of her. As the train leave, Kaede passed a drawing of their family to him which in the midst, she displayed NEXT abilities. Tiger was proud of her and found a new hope in his life...

An interesting back story of Tiger and his relationship with his family. His brother does not like his attitude of shouldering everything to himself. Kaede is really worried about her status as Tiger isn't here to do his role as a father. I am glad that they resolved the issue in this episode and even Kaede is displaying NEXT abilities.

Tiger's relationship with Tomoe is similar to an Elseworld Marvel story called Spiderman: Reign where Mary Jane is dying but told Peter to save the city as it was his responsibility. However Mary Jane died after that. The only difference is Peter gave up being Spiderman but Tiger pressed on and channel his energy on helping more people.

In the next episode, Jake's right hand lady, Kriem is awaken from her coma which Bunny need to press her on more information of Oroboros.

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