Friday, July 22, 2011

Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos on PSP

On 28/7/11, we will be getting Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos on the PSP. Some of you know or might not know that it is a sequel to Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos a few years back. But this time, Banpresto has pulled the stop and gave us fans of anime and video games a treat! By bringing some of our popular and hot female characters together for one awesome game!

How did this game come about? Originally Hobby Japan did the Queen's Blade series but they decided to do a spin-off using existing franchises and several characters will used for their Queen's Gate Series which are game books based on the "Lost Worlds" series.

The game is using a similar game system from Super Robots Wars given that it is from the same staff. The only difference is the attack commands which we can choose how to attack and when to attack. After damaging your enemy's armor, you can choose which part of the armor to break which will cause embarrassment to the enemy and even defeat without deleting their health to zero.

A ten-minute promo video of the game which include the game system and casts.

The Opening Movie of the Game-See how many characters can you find?

Some of the cast will include the following:
Shiranui Mai from Fatal Fury, Dizzy from Guilty Gear, Jubei from Samurai Girls, Lili from Tekken, Noel from Blazblue, Ivy from Soul Caliber, Iroha from Samurai Spirits, Hattori from Ichiban Ushiro no Dai-Mao-Oh and the entire cast of Queen's Blade. (The only character which I hope for but didn't appear is Kasumi from Dead or Alive which she is part of the Queen's Gate series)

I played the first one and I enjoy it and now with these new entires, it keep my blood pumping for more! (I know some of you want to rip Mai or Ivy's clothes off! For me, it's Iroha and Mina who are my favourites from Samurai Spirits)

When the game come, hopefully I can give some review about it!

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