Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 18: The tables turn and turn again...

Tiger returned to the office where he was welcomed by the other heroes. He realised Bunny is not around as he went to the hospital to interrogate Kriem who has just woke up from a coma.

Tiger gave a call to his mother and told her that he has not broke the news of his retirement. She was angry and even complained that Kaede is wrecking the house with her powers.

Tiger met Bunny at the hospital and realised that Kriem is feeling depressed after hearing Jake's death. They talked to her again and she told them about Jake's ideal world of NEXT people being treated as superiors. Kriem was treated with as a outcast when she is young and Jake tried to kidnap her for ransom.

However her family did not pay the ransom, which Jake let her go. But Kriem decided to follow him as he accepted her as a person. Bunny then asked why Jake killed his parents. However Kriem told him on the night of the murder, Jake was with her while waiting for the ransom the whole time. She then took off the life support system and died after that.

Bunny was disheartened and Tiger decided not to told him about his retirement. They look back all the footage of Jake during the bomb crisis and discovered that Jake does not have a tattoo as describe by Bunny's account during the murder.

Tiger's mother called him and claimed Kaede has magnetic powers now which Bunny overheard it. He misunderstood Tiger for wanting to go back to his family and didn't hear the next part.

Bunny then started to have visions of different people during the murder. He began to call his old housekeeper, Samantha and interrogate her. Tiger interrupted him claiming that he is acting too rash. Bunny then wondered should he retire instead cause of his current state.

Later that night, Tiger called Kaede and discovered she has the power to copy a NEXT abilities just by touching while Bunny has nightmares of his parents' murders...

Back to square one, I suppose. So if Jake didn't killed Bunny's parents then who did? Bunny's memories is totally screwed up cause of it and the only lead is the Ouroboros tattoo on the right hand. Bunny want to give up being a hero cause of a setback? That's suck! Compare to Tiger's problems, he really doesn't know the heaviness of the situation. Kaede has a cool power which hopefully can aid Tiger in the future. (If he can solve the current situation first.)

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