Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 16-No Evil escape my sight!

Tiger and Bunny are chasing a criminal when Lunatic appeared. He tried to kill the criminal but was stopped by Tiger. However Tiger's power drained out before he could catch up with Lunatic.

Later, Mr Maverick hosted a party for the heroes and congratulate for beating Mr Legend's record of catching the most criminals in one season.

Tiger was feeling grouchy to himself and Bunny asked him. Bunny explained that Mr Maverick took him in after his parents were murdered and now he is repaying him back as a hero for Mr Maverick.

Back home, Tiger wrote down the process of his power deterring in a notebook and wonder how to himself. He then relaxed himself by watching old videos of Mr Legend after that.

The Justice Department want to capture a serial killer named Beniot AKA Lady Killer which they hoped the heroes could take him alive. Yuri recalled that he killed his father who is happened to be Mr Legend after he beat up his mother. Yuri's mother was traumatised by the events and is behaving senile at home.

Later, Tiger met Ben again and further explained about his conditions. Ben told him that Mr Legend was suffering a similar condition like Tiger which resulted him being in a slump. Ben advised Tiger to stop being a hero before things get worse. He refused and later he heard a scream from Beniot's latest victim.

He tried to stop Beniot however his power was gone before he could capture him. Beniot took the chance and flung Tiger off the monorail and he landed on a garage tank.

Yuri as Lunatic swore to kill every criminals based on Mr Legend's policy of not ignoring any evil doings. He confronted Beniot and killed him.

The next morning, Tiger woke up and realised that Lunatic has killed Beniot on the news. He cursed himself in the rainy morning...

So Mr Legend is Yuri's Father and he murdered him in order to save his mother. Yet no one knew about it as they claimed Mr Legend as MIA. Yuri was also brainwashed by his father to go after every criminals in wrong doings which explained his obsession in killing every criminals. I am still suspecting that Mr Maverick has some ulterior motives in taking in Bunny when his parents died.

How can an outsider who is a friend of Bunny's parents could just take him out and bring him back to his home just to see his parents killed? It sounds too good to be true. What about Tiger? Mr Legend was obsessed in protecting the city that he went into a slump. Now Tiger is facing the same problem too. Hope he can get over it and get some help from Bunny and the others!

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