Sunday, July 17, 2011

First Impressions: Blade Ep 3, R-15 Ep 2, Ro-Kyu-Bu Ep 3, Mayo Chiki Ep 2, Idolmaster Ep 2

Blade Ep 3: After Japan, Blade travel to Philipines with his mentor, Noah Van Helsing and Makoto stow away in a ship. After Makoto found out Blade's vampire secret, Noah explained her about Blade's past. Along the way, they were attacked by some flying vampires that look like Harpies. Noah's dog could even kill one of them with his bite. (A dog that kill vampires?! Cool!) Of course, Noah was captured by the vampire harpies and Blade will have to travel to Philipines to save his mentor.

R-15 Ep 2: Taketo's delusions continue with the school idol, Utae. However after knowing that Utae is worry about her career as an idol, Taketo decided to play poetary and immesure Utae into "Arabian Nights." Utae became a better idol after that thanks to Taketo. Well, Taketo isn't that bad in helping girls solving their problems with the power of Porn. By the way, the chief and the camera girl isn't that bad looking at all.
Attack of the Fifty-Foot Airi!

Ro-Kyu-Bo Ep 3: Subaru began the training for the girls. Airi, the tallest of the group has an inferior complex over her height which Subaru used reserve psychology to trick into thinking that she is "small." When the match began with the boys, the girls are pretty good expect they face their biggest weakness-Fatigue!

Mayo Chiki Ep 2: Kinjiro's three problems-First, he must teach Subaru how to be a girl by going on a date. He used an absoulte order on Subaru (Which is just a paper order given by Kanade) and what did he command her to do? Bam like a sheep! Second-Hiding Subaru's identify during the school health test which his class mistake him for having a special relationship with her. Finally, his sister is falling in love with the Bulter Subaru after defeating her. Kinjiro's days are getting just"better" every day.  

Idolmaster Ep 2: The girls go for a reshoot for their profile photos. Iori, Yayoi and the twins tried to prove that they are better than the other girls But it back-fire and the producers gave a pep talk to them of just being themselves. Nothing special about this episode and why does the ending song is a Kugimiya Rie's single? (Oh yeah, Kugimiya is doing Iori which I prefer Tamura Yukari's Iori in Xenoglossia)

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