Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Impressions-R-15, Nekogami Yaoyorozu, Baka Test S2, Itsuki Tenma no Kuro Usagi, Manyu Hiken Chou, Crossie Ep 2, Sacred Seven Ep 2, Blade Ep 2 and Ro-Kyu-Bo Ep 2

Okay, here are some of the new shows and how is what I think about it.
This might give you some inspirations!

R-15: Akutagawa Taketo is a genius in writing porn novels which his old school despise him. In this new school which everyone is a prodigy of soft, Taketo still could not get rid of his habits of porn delusions among his classmates. Daydreaming of a teacher/student sex to the school camera girl being stripped by a pervert cameraman, I like the delusions but don't expect Taketo to react like his porn characters as he is quite the naive kid who couldn't talk with Fukune Nakahara which he is suppose to interview her for the school paper. However the only delusions that he have for Fukune is writing her as a magical girl character. First episode is all right but I like the delusions.

I am not sure of the game but the sound effects is from Mickey Mouse's Castle of Illusion.

Nekogami Yaoyorozu: Mayu is a Cat god who is banished to live with humans apparently a girl named Yuzu who owned an antique shop. Mayu spend the days playing retro game consoles and when a god of poverty named Shamo supposedly spreading bad luck is in town, Mayu and her deity friends spring to action. However Yuzu took in Shamo, she treat her well and Yuzu reprimanded Mayu that they shouldn't treat Shamo as an outcast. The ending ended with Yuzu and Mayu received a "large" parcel outside their house. Some funny moments and the video game consoles Mayu are apparently real game consoles like Mega Drive and Dreamcast.

Baka Test 2: Just the gang going to the beach with Akihisa and Yuji trying their luck in wooing girls. However it back fire with the girls punishing them at the end. It's all right for a season opener however I won't be following it till it is complete which is three months later.

Can I kick you like a ball?

Itsuki Tenma no Kuro Usagi: If you remember Zombie Desu Ka, our male lead is a zombie so in this story, our male lead, Taito was bitten by a vampire girl as a boy which give him self-healing powers and decapting him doesn't work as he is still alive after being run over by a truck. Furthermore, the end of the episode show the vampire girl being stabbed by the head of the student council with no explanation. So I probably have to watch the next one to figure out why.

Bonus Points: Large Enhancement!

Manyu Hiken Chou: I did said before that I will give this show another chance after reading the manga. But now I decide not to give it another chance as the censoring of breasts is really unwatchable! Some scene where their clothes covering their large breasts are also given the "ray of light" treatment which make it unbearable. Furthermore, having large breasts as a sign of wealth is really scary as some of them are like overgrown melons. Our heroine, Mayu also has the power to absorb the essence of her opponent's breasts (her elder sister is her first victim) and causing her to turn from a C-Cup to G-Cup! If you can bear the ray of light, fine with me but I rather wait for the DVD version of it.

Crossie Ep 2: Yune eating cheese, cute. Yune drinking coffee, funny. Yune going shopping with Claude, fun. Yune eating french loaf, sweet! Yune eating sour plums, remind me of how I eat sour plums. This show is getting to me with all the small things in life even though it is France 200 years ago. Recommended!

Sacred Seven Ep 2: Arma learned about Ruri's agenda of her sister being petrified by a Darkstone and learning about the Sacred Seven which are supposedly alien technology and it affected organic and non-organic life form differently. So when a magnetic sandstorm created by a Darkstone, Arma nearly chicken out due to his inexperience of sky diving but when Ruri jump out of the plane, he saved her and got himself a flying hover board! Though the only thing suck was the enemy died with one hit...Lame!

Blade Ep 2: From Yokohama to Osaka, Blade investigate missing foreign girls kidnapped by Vampires. He crossed path with a tough detective, Sakomizu and together they learned that Existence has humans working for them to supply them with fresh blood. They battled vampire Yakuza and vampire cats (?) and a supposedly Japanese vampire-Suiko. Makoto is still stubborn after Blade killed her father and is obsessed with revenge. Despite the silly plot, I still like it and next episode is a flashback to a younger Blade as he learn how to be a vampire hunter.

Ro-Kyu-Bo Ep 2: Subaru learn about the reason of why the girls want to learn basketball which I find it is a bit sexist. The boys' basketball male coach has a wager with Subaru's aunt over the use of the court, claiming the girls are weak at the sport. Tomoka got some personal lessons with Subaru and found her to be extremely talented but has issues of being competitive. He finally gave in to teach the girls permanently after Tomoka touch him with her tears. (Danger! Loli Alert!)

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