Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 15-The Girl at the Fountain.

Sky High has been depressed due to the fact that he is not performing to standards and his rank dropped to 2nd. Meanwhile Tiger and Bunny have been doing interviews and commercials which Bunny was actually enjoying it more than Tiger.

Sky High met a lady named Cis who sat at the fountain. He mistaken her as a NEXT after she crush an apple with her hands. However he was intrigued by her and met her everyday. Finally he accidentally asked Blue Rose, Dragon Kid and Flame Emblem about how to woo a girl.

They gave different suggestions however all failed as Cis remained unmoved. Later in an interview with some children, Bunny answered that he respect his parents as they were involved in making a robot who can help people in the future. The duo later found out the other heroes were involved in rescuing hostages in a car chase. Sky High was the only hero that failed to get any points after crashing into a wall.

It angered Tiger as they should be saving people rather than doing interviews. Sky High met Cis again and he confessed his depression to her. Cis just ask why he is depressed which make him realised that he should start all over again. He left her not knowing that a red nosed man took Cis away in a truck.

Tiger and Bunny were driving along the road when they were attacked by Cis. They too thought that she is a NEXT but after several rounds, she was revealed to be an android. The red nosed man explained that he created Cis in order to suppress the NEXT and she is programmed to defeat the heroes. However Cis escaped during an accident which also damaged her programming. He also told Bunny that Cis was based on his parents' research on robots and he brought to the next level.

Bunny demanded who the man is and he revealed to be Rotwang, a researcher from his parents' team. Tiger battled Cis till he lost his power before the time limit. Cis's skin was burned off, revealing her internal robot body. She fly to the sky and Bunny tried to get her.

Sky High was on night patrol when he saw the commotion. He battled Cis which he finally defeated her. The next day, Sky High was in his usual positive self and went to wait for Cis at the fountain with some flowers.

Later, Tiger met his old boss, Mario and he asked if Tiger was feeling strange later. He told him about his influx of power and Mario suspected that he will lose his power permanently if he continue to use it...

Well, a twist of fate! Sky High fell in love with Cis and not realising he kill her. If he found out the truth, I think he is going to need some serious consuling on post-homocide depressions. But what happen to Rotwang? Did he got away? If yes, then the heroes are in real trouble. With such androids, they could easily take down the heroes and if some crazed person were to use them, it will be a worst case scenerio than the Ouroboros Arc. Furthermore, Tiger might be losing his power which is what I suspected last week. This could led to more problems for the duo which Tiger might do something crazy in the near future, just to go out with a bang!

Fun Facts: Cis's Seiyuu is Yajima Akiko who also did the voice of Dorothy of Big-O which her character is also an android.

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