Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 11-The Chaos before the Storm

The Mayor and the board of directors were in an emergency meeting on how to deal with Ouroboros. As the robots surrounded the pillars holding the city, the heroes are on stand by status, waiting for orders. Bunny was anxious due to Ouroboros demand of releasing Jake. He butt Tiger and left the room.

Finally the robots destroyed one of the pillars which Sky High and Blue Rose were dispatched to the scene. Tiger and Bunny couldn't stand any more and march straight to the meeting. Tiger demanded for their decisions. Suddenly one of the Ouroboros members, Hans held a security guard hostage and entered the meeting.

Later, the Mayor gave in and ordered the release of Jake. As Jake entered the courtyard, Kriem, the female member of Ouroboros waited with a helicopter. They board it with Hans as the pilot.

However they do not know Hans is actually Origami in disguise. The heroes have earlier subdued Hans and Origami used his appearance to infiltrate Ouroboros.

Jake found out that Kriem has held the city hostage, he refused to let the robots stand down and taunt the city that he has bigger plans for the citizens. Mr Maverick, the CEO for Tiger and Bunny had a press conference and ask Bunny to give moral support for the citizens and telling them his history with Jake. The heroes empathize Bunny when Origami check in and informed he is in their hideout.

Then a clean-shave Jake came in and taunt Origami as he read a magazine about the heroes...

I found that the Mayor is pathetic and Mr Maverick seems to be the one calling the shots. I won't be surprised that he is Ouroboros' shadow support. Bunny was just bitching around but I understand that he can't do anything as Jake now began his evil plan. Jake seems to have ESP abilities which will be difficult for our heroes and will Origami escape or die if Jake found out he is Hans?


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